Aliens in Turricane 2???????

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In the original or "early" versions of Turricane 2 , on the last levels, the monsters are Geiger's Aliens, copied from the movie Alien and\or Aliens, this explains why there are eggs with facehuggers on the last maps. I havent heard anything of this being discussed but i think fox or whoever made Alien threatened to sue(or sued) the turricane people because of them using the Alien in their game...

Nowadays all the versions of turricane uses "big walking eyes" instead of the original alien monsters wich is not only annoying and makes the game a bit less attractive, but it doeseant even make any sense.

If you guys or anyone else knows why, how or when please E-Mail me or make a post here on the SETA.
Imperial Games
In both Katakis and Turrican there are "Alien" inspired monsters. I think
Manfred Trenz (the developer of the originals) liked that kinda movies.

The "eggs" are to be found in Katakis (level 12), too (bit here without
facehuggers, cause there isnt any face to hug...). And the end boss of
this level even has an "Alien" styled "double mouth"...

I don't know if the movie company chief guys (or their lawyers or so)
really play computer games. - Playing games would imply any kind of fun -
and that's not what that kinda guys do - their only fetish is money,
I guess.

But possibly in later Turrican versions (by other people than Trenz) they
removed that Alien (or other movies) related stuff, probably to prevent
any difficulties. (If you lose a case, you are forced to remove it
AFTERWARDS and produce some "fixed" new version if you want to continue
selling it. That would be too expensive, I think. Especially the production
of console modules...)

When Trenz/Escher/Huelsbeck started making games, the industry wasn't
really "aware" of computer games, I guess. They saw it as a "little
unimportant side effect"...
Well - time proved them wrong. Today software (and so computer games, too)
are one of the biggest markets in the world. And it's getting harder and
"less kind" on this market... So, the battle for licenses and stuff got
into a very ugly state.
An example for this ("registering" well-known names and stuff) and
discussions on this topic is to be found in this forum, too. (But most in

Should be an interesting (theoretical) question, too:
If anyone ever gets insane enough to grow an idea like that - who's got
the license to make a Turrican or Katakis movie...?

And NO (whoever you are) don't even THINK about it! It would be such
useless like, for example, a movie about "Doom" or so. - But who
indafuckingwholeworld could be that braindead to really think it would be
a good idea to make a Doom movie...?

Video game movies usaully suck, it's just for media and money purposes really, with Doom being the "FPS godfather" an all. Still, the game never had enough depth or plot to make a movie. Turrican could have made a better movie lol.
Turrican movie ->

You're wrong:
Turrican 1 has no aliens.
Turrican 2 has facehuggers and walking eyes.
Turrican 2 PC (released much later) has facehuggers and aliens.
Turrican 3 / Mega Turrican and Super Turrican have facehuggers, aliens and a big boss mother alien.
Duke Nukem has facehuggers which behave the same way as in Turrican
I wanted to watch Turicon again, but I don't find a valid download link!
19.04.06 seems to work.
Oh, they have hidden another link on the page with the non working links....

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How can robert make such a radical claim, we all know that seeing is believing. My sources are from what i have experienced through playing my original turrican 2 on my original amiga. I actually have not been able to find a pc version of Turrican 2 where you have aliens at all, this is why i posted the message in the first place. To make that even clearer: I was annoyed that all pc versions had eyes instead of aliens in them, and the second part of my message is the excuse for being able to be annoyed with the eyeballs, namingly it being some kind of classic copyright scenario, since it was a theoretical possabillity, and i was interested in shedding some light on that subject.

I'd like to add that the reason why i have waited so long to reply was that estimated roberts lifespan, and now he is surely long gone.

I win.
I'm not gone, I'm the admin
Turrican 2 on the Amiga (and everywhere else but on the PC) has walking eyes. No other Turrican has walking eyes. Have a look:
Have a close look at Turrican 3 too:

The admin always wins.
There should be an "about" place on this site, so that people may inform themselves about such facts.

Nobody wins.
An about page wouldn't help at all. You didn't read the forum introduction (which actually includes a warning about me) and you did not have a look at the forum in general (the newest thread was created by me when you wrote your post). I don't think it's likely that you would have had a look at an about page. And it would not have made a difference anyway, one year is not much for retro forums. Try to stay away ten years, that might help.
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Leon S. Kennedy
Last night I finished the SNES version, Super Turrican, I felt really surprised that the H. R. Giger's Aliens' concept, and of course I considered myself as a masculine version of Elen Ripley. Anyway, the game is really amazing!
Cool! Super Turrican is a very tough version, though I have not spent as much time with it as I have other Turrican games sinse I only found a copy last year for my Snes (I know emulation is possible but I like my original consoles and emulation is a pain).

While I agree on the Geiger Alien inspiration, I don't think there was any copywrite worried with Turrican, sinse as far as I'm aware you can't copywrite an image that isn't a person's actual face without the or any other plot details. So, had they actually called! the face huggers face huggers, that would've been an issue, heck despite how big a deal copywrite is now thanks to the fat cats grubbing after money, you can't stop inspiration or homage.

Many games had it in one way or another, look at the sandworm sequence in Super Turrican 2. Indeed for that one I even stuck a paragraph on the "references to Dune in popular culture" bit on wikipedia, though it annoyingly got deleted.

If you really! wat to go deep into alien parody, look at the metroid series, not just in the eggs and aliens but plot elements, tough gun toting space lady blowing up nasties, a federation who want to clone said nasties for their own reasons, a fourth installment in the series involving the hero being cloned, lots of bomb escape sequences as different things are blown up in an effort to get rid of said aliens.
You don't copyright things - you get the copyright to everything you create automatically. That also applies to images. But Turrican was never big enough for any of those gigantic film studios to care.
Hmmm, I know copywrite is automatic, though how it applies I don't know in this case or whether there would've been an issue if the fat cats bothered, I'll have to ask my brother sinse he is a solicitor and does know this type of thing. Either way aliens are cool!

Btw, Back in the day, my friend used to refer to the standard walker enemies as Ed209s, after the robot in robocop sinse he thought there was a resemblance there, though equally he was a big robocop fan.
Hm, never thought about it, but yes, they do look kinda similar. Especially the big ones.


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