Comments for sector 243 Part2 Complete (T2002 level)

Some great environments and music in this set, and it's really nice to see more flying levels.

However, I do sometimes wish some of the levels were a bit less liniar, sinse often there is just one path.

Also, there are waaaaay too many bits where you just have to take damage and rush, ---- those bouncing balls should be made illegal! ;D.

A fun set all the same, and I really enjoy the variety of environments.
To expand a bit, this set has a similar problem to many of Daniel's other levels.

The environments are great taking Turrican to many different places (often with somewhat disco colours but who's counting), the music is just plane awsome, ---- especially the contributions by Alexander Bulér (destiny of freedom and the challenge are some of my favourite T2002 tracks).

The levels are generally large, and have lots of options for exploration, with power squares and one ups to find, thus making the good old Turrican exploring really! worth while.

however, Daniel just seems to stick enemies all over the place almost at random, to the point that the screen is absolutely so full of enemies that you have no choice but to take hits and run.

The large climable bank in the first stage is a good example. In fact the only real difference in difficulty i could determine betwene the first and last few levels in this pack was their size.

It is really quite frustrating to fall down a single space and find an enemy below you you have no room to kill, or find a shaft so full of shooting enemies that you have no chance to strategically pick them off.

I'm all for having challenge in Turrican's shooting gameplay, but Challenge really does not translate into filling up the screen so much that you either need to activate the shield cheat or have bags full of extra lives in order to survive.

this is true for many of Daniel's packs, but it is in this pack I think that it really detracts from the overall fun, sinse this is the set where Daniel has done the most with diverse environments, interesting music, and none linniar levels.

I actually wish somone could eddit this set and remove half of it's enemy population, just to let it's good features show through.
first of all, i really admire the gfx feeling in sector243! retro at its best. this 8-bit feeling is something you love at first sight! long story short: IT'S A MUST! you have to play it, hands down.

sector243 has good and challenging levels. and it's a huge level pack. but some levels are way too difficult. for me it's daniel's best effort on modding t2002.

a big thanx to all who worked on this - i had much fun playing it and i'd love to see a new sector243 by daniel!
I certainly agree about the gfx and music poutsoklis

This set is wonderful for Taking Turrican to some pretty crazy places.

However for me, this just gets over shaddowed by what is imho unfair enemy placement that there really doesn't seem any good way around without getting damaged.

I really do find this a shame precisely because! of the packs' other good qualities, not to mention it having so many levels (I think it has the largest level count of any T2002 pack thus far).

Of course, it might just be that your much better at working around those hoards of enemies than I am ;D.
i agree with you about the difficulty. but this isn't a big drawback, because in the t2002 levels ecosystem, there have to be easy/medium/hard/very hard level variations. sector243 is at the hard/very hard scale. it's good for the ecosystem.

this also reveals turri's perfect game mechanics. one can build easy levels that are still challenging, while another can build very hard levels that require another approach (but both have consistent game flows). with the same "rules" there are levelpacks that suit every skill level in the gamers' spectrum.

for this levelpack, i did a "recompilation" (sector243 in 3 parts) for me to be able to save, as i did with morgul returns and t-all. sector243 has the most levels, but i think morgul returns is "larger" (i think it has larger levels individually, so the aggregate favours the latter).

and, as i said before, i like daniel's stylistic approach. now that i think of it, t2002 (with its levelpacks) is the game i play/played most during the last couple of years. the power of the turri community rules!!!
I have to agree on playing most, it's certainly the one I turn on most myself.

However for me there is a difference betwene unfair difficulty and very hard.

Some of the later bits of morgul returns and Underearth I would class as very hard, sinse though they have extreme amounts of enemies and traps and such, there is usually a way to get through without taking too much damage, ---- even if it often requires very precise jumping and shooting.

Daniels' design with enemy placement however seems to have lots of places where you just can't kill stuff, for instance enemies directly undernieth you after falling a distance, huge numbers of bouncing balls just stuck everywhere, or cannons firing in a position so that you can't just take them out first.

I must confess while I very much like the environments I tend to play other packs more than Daniels' for this reason.

Though luckily as you said there are T2002 stages to sute everyone going from too easy to completely evil.
There is a bug in the level 11 of this levelpack: after about one minute of playing in that level, the game crashes.


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