Comments for Technoworld (T2002 level)

A lot of different and extra graphics, ---- apparently from rough n- tumble (though I've not played that game myself), very 1980''s electronica music and levels that get larger as time goes on.

Difficulty is medium to hard, --- especially with some of those blasted blue flames everywhere, but not impossible, and there are hidden extras around for you to collect, ---- more as the levels progress.

I only really have one issue with this level set. Passages of blastable blocks in water are used almost like unlockable doors to different parts of the level, sinse you must! have the bounce weapon to progress.

This is a nice idea, however the problem is that there are a finite number of bounce power ups, so I have occasionally just got stuck by accidently collecting a different weapon.

As long as you always remember to keep bounce with you though, this set is fun, and i do appreciate the rather manic music and bright, industrial environment, as well as the planing of the stages.
To expand a litle I recently played through this set again and was greatly impressed.

this was I think the first time a T2002 levelpack was created with really different graphics not from Turrican and it works exceptionally well. Though the levels environments are all of the industrial style, the actual colours and features of the landscape change even within he same level. This keeps the hole thing diverse.

Difficulty progresses, startin off medium and increasing, and when i see the author, Christian I'm not overly surprised as certain features of enemy placement actually reminded me of later levels by him.

Apart from the issue mentioned before with the bounce power, I really don't see that this set has any major flaws. The music, while not perhaps as good as some, suits the atmosphere very well, the enemies are placed quite exactly and there are even some modified graphics for some of your weapons as well as the enemies.

As the first real new environment for Turrican to visit in T2002 (not counting T4), this is extremely worth playing and a great set to introduce newcomers to the game as the difficulty, though increasing over the levels does not get too extreme, but remains at a reasonable challenge.


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