Comments for T-Rmx (T2002 level)

Welcome to a short be deffinately sweet set of four levels which revive some of the environments of T3 and super Turrican while presenting some interesting gameplay features, such as lava waterfalls.

The environments for the levels are presented well, and the progression shows thought, starting in the snowey mountains and eventually working through water and factories to a seemingly crashed train from T3, ---- at least judging by the fact the background isn't scrolling and the wind is howling around the ruins. It's stil certainly fun though.

The levels do have a slight structure in that you start on the far left and generally the exit is somewhere on the right, ---- but the same is true for many original Turrican levels, and you certainly do plenty of crossing up and down mid way through.

I particularly liked the second water stage for this, sinse it really intigrated water and land routes through the level extremely well, allowing you to switch from one to the other rather than just swimming through one huge tank to get to the next section of the stage.

Difficulty overall was easy to moderate, ---- though part of the reason for this is simply the huge amount of power squares, and the even larger amount of power square ledge puzles (it's deffinately worth jumping ontop of every power square t see where you can go).

All in all though, deffinately one of the more fun sets.

I am going crazy !

Canīt leave the water level !

Should there be a T2002X update to fix this and
other fine Levels ?


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