Comments for Mr Walker's Factory (T2002 level)

This is imho, not only one of Tony bates' best levels, but one of the best factory stages for T2002. a twisting path through a giant factory with all the usual fun in the form of flames, crushers and conveyers, with lots of chances to explore and gain extras, though not too many as to make this stage a pushover, ---- unless of course you take the secret short cut.

Once again, We have the carefully thought out enemy placement from Tony bates, including some factory specifics such as the large rolling wheels, there is also one of the most interesting boss fights against the Walker boss taking place on a conveyer belt, ---- admittedly the fact you can use your own wheel on both this, and the other conveyers changes things slightly but it's stil a fun boss.

Difficulty overall is around the medium level.

All this would be enough to make a good stage, however Tony once again wripped tiles from Amigar Turrican 2, so it has the vibrant colours and red background of the amigar version, rather than the more subdued purple pc version used in T2002.

Just as preference, I personally am much more a fan of the Amigar colour sscheme here, which is just one more reason why I like this level, ---- however even if your more a fan of the purple backdrops, give it a try anyway.


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