Comments for Technodungeon Expanded (T2002 level)

This is, ---- as you'd expect very similar to Tony's Technodungeon level, in fact the level is exactly the same up until the poin when you should plummit into the exit, but instead fall thru into a completely new area containing tiles wripped from the jet packs world of Turrican 1, ---- though sinse this level was made before T2002 F, there is no actual jet pack.

In principle thiswas a nice idea, expand from world 2, the watery dungeon into the techno themed world 3, with changed enemies and graphics. However, the execution is a litle strange.

You end up taking a lift and abruptly changing from one environment to another. Pluss, even the quality of the environment and tactics you need change, going from small tunnels and shafts to large, open areas with many ledges and routes through, with a deffinately higher difficulty (tony was not stingy with the rolling balls and dropping acid).

While it's deffinately a fun stage especially for exploration fans, I personally think Tony would've been better just creating a fresh new jetpack themed stage on it's own, rather than just tacking it on to the end of the existing dungeon level.

there is also a miner issue with a boss arena for the gripper in the jet pack stage, sinse you can end up fighting him in various positions in a large room, some of which are far easier than others depending upon where you run into him. I also noticed a distinct lack of side tracks and hidden extras towards the end of the jet pack section, which might not have happened had it been an independent level.

All in all worth a play, though I don't think this is my favourite of Tony's creations.

Oh, and though there is a lack of music, the expanded version of the stage does come in Bronko's ultrapack with music which is at least appropriate for the first dungeon part, even if it seems a trifle out of place in the jet pack area.


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