Comments for Z-Out Level Expanded (T2002 level)

I'm not sure how much this is expanded from the regular version sinse the crazy wall bug means I've never got far in the normal level, however the expanded level certainly makes for an interesting stage, being composed of Tyles wripped from the scrolling shooter Z out.

This level shows some of Tony's better design points, lots of switch backs, lifts and interesting routes, and an overall large stage make for an interesting time.

difficulty is slightly higher than some of Tony's other stages, partly because of some fairly precise jumps over bottomless pits early on, but mostly because of the distinct lack of power ups, ---- this is deffinately a stage that makes you glad of any weapon you get.

Some of the jumps can be rather beastly, but once you've mastered those the stage is generally fun.

In Bronko's ultrapack, the power up issue is slightly less of a problem sinse the stage is a few stages in to the level set meaning you can stack up earlier (unless you use the skip level cheat of course), but it does come with the original music from Z out's first level, ---- which fits very well in a turrican game sinse it's the same melody as the T1 loading theme.

It's a shame tony hasn't done more wrips from Z out, sinse having Turrican in a different environment is certainly fun, and there are deffinately other Z out stages which would deffinately be nice places for Turrican to visit.


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