Comments for Tony Bates Ultra Pack (T2002 level)

Take most of Tony's levels, stick them all together, add music, pluss a background for the beast level and you have one big pack of fun.

Difficulty going from stage to stage is a bit strange sometimes, ---- I for instance would wreckon the Demontrain stage as harder than flying, but sinse the levels were originally released singly this doesn't matter too much, and it's deffinately worth playing the stages with the correct music, which goes especially for the Z out and beast stages where Bronko provided correctly cut mp3 music from games other than turrican which deffinately adds to the environment..
I packed the levels together in a way, they are logical...
The environment changes were supposed to make sense at least somehow.
And if you leave a level at the right screen, you should start on the left side in the next lvl.
Furthermore, of course, it should begin with Turri Level One, and with that specifications, there weren't many possibilities left...
Ah fair enough.

I admit the door business hadn't actually occurred to me, probably because I'm now used to games like Mega man or Gunstar where the levels are intended as very separate areas rather than continuations of the same journey.

I must also confess that sinse I like to play the stages with the original music and other additions, i do tend to use the skip level cheat to go to whatever stage in the pack, rather than playing through all in one go, which is probably slightly bad.
Play, as you like it.
I recommend to make your own level.ini's though, to be able to start each level separately with music.
I have actually changed some of the ini files in the past to alter the music, --- for instance I altered lucas' tower of Morgul level to have the original music rather than the constantly repeating Morgul boss track.

the problem is however, even if I add the new ini then re-zip the level's folder and stick it in the bonus directory, this seems to cause Tstarter to lose touch with the level and attempt to download it again which is a pain.

if there's a way around this though i would very much appreciate knowing.
You have to put the files into a new zip (or directory) with a different name, and keep the old one. T-Starter will recognize the new thing, and show it in the menu.
This is, how you can manually add levels, that somehow are not in the levelbase... Like when a friend sends you a test version, or you create you own ones...

Yeah, go on, and create your own level!
I'd love too, accept I really don't have enough working vision to use the editer, ---- though i'm hoping my comments on other levels are useful especially to people trying to decide what to play or anyone new who comes to t2002.
The only thing that I would change in this levelpack are some new images of Bosses and Sprites. I have many that I didnt used, and will never use. I could add them to this game if Tony would accept this


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