Comments for Morgul Returns (T2002 level)

My first levelpack was originally planned as remake of Turrican with better graphics, but after seeing T-All video I have decided to make it my personal vision of Turrican 2

I find Morgul Much more mistical and dark enemie then Machine.

That "Pink Pantzer" guy will always be nr 2 of evil characters of Turrican, at least for me.

In Renedering Ranger that was suposed to be Turrican 4 that evil returns under name "Cube".
Hey Lukasz, finally talking in person to the community!

Talking about Morgul Returns, I always wondered, in which way that tower could be evil.

personally i find morgul returns as one of the best games i ever played (and by far the best turrican game). i have said it before and i will say it again.

its atmosphere is magical (the closest thing to the MASTER (MT) creations you'll ever get), its soundtrack (especially christian's tracks) is only compared to huelsbeck's tracks and its levels are huge!

i think it's turrican "remade" for the pc. i even "recompiled" it to 3 parts (in order to be able to save).

lukasz et al's releases are a guarantee!! can't wait for their next project and as always A BIG THANX to them and all the guys who put their efforts on quality releases (like bronko's underearth - very good and bombastic!). turri lives forever!
I am happy to know that My levelpacks bring turrican fans some fun, that is why I made them, and for some nice Turrican remixes.

The Tower of Morgul is evil, caus it is not dark and creepy, but steral bright and very clean. So the only reason to storm it is that it is EVIL, just like its maker
Morgul returns is more than just a level pack, rather it is as Lucasz said a hole new Turrican game in it's own right.

morgul is back, and this time the journey to defeating him will be longer, harder and more spectacular.
Journey through graphically enhanced environments, some of them slightly resembling T1 or T2, but mostly completely new, pluss this is the first official level pack to use the T2002 F update so we see a return of Turrican's jetpack and spaceship, which is just plane cool!

Overall, the level design is exceptional, the levels are extremely huge, ---- even by usual Turrican standards, meaning there is lots of teretory to explore.

one particular thing i liked about Lucasz design here is that like original Turrican, there's no guarantee dead ends will need to extras. If you take that other path, or get as far to the top of a room as possible, it could just be a red herring, as contain extra lives. Rather than being frustrating though this just makes you want to explore even more, sinse there is always the possibility of finding new items and extras (though Lucasz does make you work for them, he's not stingy either).

The difficulty gets progressively harder from level to level, going from medium at the start (though certainly not too easy), to horribly insane!

Some bits seemed a bit extreme, ---- such as fly or die with the crumbling ledges, or the mutants level covered in mouths that eat you, but these generally are more a challenge to your skills than precisely unfare.

Each environment looks fantastic, from the reconstructions of well known turrican stages (I loved the alien world based on T1 world 4), to all new places to explore.

Another fantastic point here is the music.

Morgul returns gets my vote for the best selection f music in a T2002 pack, ---- with metroidican a close second. Certainly Morgul returns is the music I listen to most often outside of playing the game.

Christian, andre and Markus all did an awsome job, even the alien levels have great tracks which often contain elements of the original Amigar ones (I loved the inclusion of some of the T1 alien ambience and Morgul's theme in the title music), some are also complete remixes, --- the updating of the tower of morgul music is just plane awsome!

So all in all this is really a must play for casual players and experienced Turrican fans alike.

Oh and yes, I agree Morgul's tower is deffinately evil, especially because of the way it seems to keep growing larger and larger in each level pack it gets included in ;D.


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