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I think that Gyroscope in Turrican is a nice thing, but it hasnt got 50% of usefullness of Samus Morph Ball.

Maybe in future Turrican projects that loss could be fixed?
... The Gyroscope ins invincible.
Oh, in Hurrican you even get Metroid like Morph Ball Bombs, so you want it free maneuverable, too? No way, this would be a bit overpowered.
Metroidican is something which I, ---- probably along side many turrican fans, have imagined seeing for a long time.

A turrican game in MEtroid environments, and Lukasz delivers fantastically here!

As expected, we get to explore innumerable familiar locations while blasting enemies Turrican style in search of the Father brain. Choso temples, Brinstar, Crade's lair, and even pirate bases it's all here!

When I initially heard that (compared to Morgul returns), Metroidican would have fewer levels I was slightly disappointed, but this was a feeling I quickly lost when i discovered how many diverse environments each level had and how truly huge they are.

Then, there are the enemies. Such familiar nasties as kakatacks, multiviola and side hoppers abound here, making even combat a different experience.

while Lukasz wasn't able to give Turrican the Metroid upgrade system, much of the signature gameplay elements are very much here. hidden power up rooms, plenty of blastable walls and small tunnels for the wheel, and some rather fiendish mazes. The enemy placement is also extremely diverse, requiring a bit of tactical thought.

That brings me on to the difficulty. There's a fairly steady progression from medium (nothing can be said to be easy), to very hard, but even the bits which are nastier have been thought out to make them fair and possibl rather than just filling the screen with enemies or dropping spikes at random all over the place.

Another fact which increases the challenge, is that there are generally fewer power squares kicking around, and those there are usually require exploration to fin. sinse though this is all part of the metroid theme I don't particularly mind.

I think my only real gripe in terms of difficulty is with the lava, ---- especially in the third stage, sinse even though shields are included, the number of shields in each location is finite, and I find being punished with the loss of sometimes twoor three lies for failing a moving platform section (some of which are quite nasty), slightlytoo harsh.

I do admit though, probably because I tend to play the games more slowly, I'm not usually a fan of Lava in Turrican anyway.

Musically, the game is a treat. As expected after Morgul Returns, Christian delivers some stunning stuff (in fact I think the Metroidican tracks are even better). One particular thing I admire in the music is that not only has Christian managed to make some very interesting remixes of Metroid themes (mostly from Super metroid), but also he's managed to come up with a lot of other stuff which literally sounds like a fusion betwene Turrican and metroid. Take the title theme as an example, which to me sounds the way Metroid prime would've done if Chris Huelsbek had composed it.

I think my only major problem with the pack generally is something which in fairness isn't lukasz fault, and that is the lack of Metroid bosses.

While the Metroid and turrican gameplay styles work very well together, hidden rooms, bomable bricks etc (even without sute upgrades or limited amo missiles), there really isn't getting around the fact that the T2002 bosses are really not a patch on the Metroid ones. Lukasz has done a great job moving characters like ridly into the game, ---- but having a boss like Ridly sit in a corner and just chuck easily avoidable fireballs at you is extremely jarring to those who've fought Ridly in his various games.

this is however, simply a consequence of the T2002 engine not really being expandable enough to create bosses like the metroid ones, and certainly lukasz has done a really good job with the tools available.

Truly Metroid style bosses will hav to be left for future Turrican remakes.

Generally though, Metroidican is one of the best level packs on offer for T2002, and most deffinately recommended!
Just a quick appology to Awsome A, sinse I noticed while indexing music yesterday he's also written several tracks for Metroidican, ---- including the extremely good title music, which I hadn't mentioned in the previous comment.

So, just to append to the review, some of the creddit for the fantastic Metroidican music belongs to him as well as Christian.
Thanks! Andre has done 3 songs, the rest was my work (And I worked on the levels, too). 20 songs (Not all were used)- A hard work for me who had not the experience in making music (MR was my first project a year before).
Well as I said, the music is fantastic. I'd actually be interested to here the other stuff you composed which didn't get used in the game, ---- assuming of course Lukasz isn't planning on more Metroidican levels with different music in the future.

I Think that more then flight levels T2002 would need more practical sprites, and at least one more sprite of final Boss (Morgul or Machine from Turrican 2). It is hard to make the bosses hard challenge when they have 4 tiles of animation and are easy to avoide with gyroscope. I will do my best to complicate this in Turricane 3.5 Final Mission!

I asure you of that!
I'll be looking forward to it, certainly people like Bronko have created some interesting boss fights, ---- Morgul returns had some too, like fighting the head with a pool of acid behind you.

I think the lack of bosses is really my only big problem with t2002 as an engine, and I totally agree that more turrican bosses should really have been added to the mix.

Then again, it's possible that boss wise years of playing games like Mega man, metroid and gunstar heroes have just raised my expectations.

while it was wonderful to discover them for the first time, with the exception of the machine, i never remember the Turrican bosses being half as hard initially as first the likes of Krade or Sigma, ---- heck I almost chucked my joystick at the screen when first fighting Krade ;D.
Your game is Rendering Ranger. Go play it, now!
Rendering Ranger is hard but in some places linear.
Many bosses is based on Turrican but harder. The last boss is a nice idea and I think that name Morgul given to it in Turrican 3 C64 fits to it better then the Cube

If you are interested with Rendering Rangers interesting Update take a look at

I did!
That Rom Hack is not that stable.
Sinse I stil have my Snes plugged in to my 40 inch plasma tv (super turrican 1 and 2 and metroid are awsome on it), I'e never really looked at running Snes roms, but perhaps I will in the case of wrendering ranger sinse it deffinately looks my sort of thing, though what I've seen does rather remind me of gunstar heroes.
Very good level pack. Thak you.:)


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