Comments for T-ALL (T2002 level)

During playing the first stages, I thought, my worst point of critique would be the usage of the fish boss, as the T2002 version of it plain sucks.
But more about his later.

First I need to praise the first third of the game: It's what it's called: T-All. However, T-Resurrection would fit even better, if you ask me.
The levels are very clever designed, have nice gimmicks and even some funny jokes. It never get's boring or frustrating- welcome to the flow!
Those levels feature a "best of" all three Amiga Turrican titles, put into a fitting order.
The looks of the landscape could sometimes use some decorating, though.

The booby level was a bit strange, and not fitting to Turrican at all, but who cares.

I shot that tower empty, and destroyed The Machine II.

Well, the story in the beginning told me so, there is more to come.
The energy core should be next, and that is the point, where everything changes.
For me, it's the End of T-All.
It should have been the end, it was great so far. One of the best packs!

But now comes the last third...
Its a bunch of graphics, wild thrown together, that don't harmonize at all. At least, that power core level was short. It's followed by a lava level, which is the same thing over and over again. The suddenly repetitive level design comes together with unfair situations...
Again, it's short at least.
After that, there come some mediocre flight levels, some better, some worse, with quite bad drawn graphics still thrown together with non fitting other graphics, ripped from I-don't-know-where.
None of those levels has the quality of the flight levels, which come in the T-All part.
You even meet some bosses, you already killed again.
Sometimes there is a nice idea in between, but that's all.

High resolution doesn't equal better looks! It was strange already, to have high-res ripped Hurrican graphics, but those flight levels are worst.

I'm a bit sorry to criticize this, as I know how much work goes into own graphics. But this work should have gone into level design instead.

My conclusion: One of the best level packs! Just stop playing after killing The Machine II.

We know that the second part is really not fitting to the first one.
So we´ve done this only as a Bonus for Turricanfans. The last Flightlevels are much too long, and not very interesting (Too slow, but you cant do anything else). But the music is good there and if you come to the end, it is a very funny one.
I see that Morgul has changed his specialization

Whell I agree with bronko in that thing that those are two diferent levelpacks in one.

First one is T-All the best of....Turricans Amiga

the second is Fly or die in high resolution.

I like that "T-All 14" (mayby I will use it myself in the future) but it is too easy to get stuck at water/balls corridors.

last thing that is bad is joining high resolution with traditional sprites, wrong way, I made that mistake in Morgul Returns first edition, and decided to never do it again. How ever Background in high resolution is a good idea.

Either way, Great work!
very nice levelpack! you rock guys! could i imagine a better gift for 2k11? NO (although lukasz an co may have an objection with t3.5)!!!

huge levels, well-designed and generally one can see that much effort has gone on this production. well-done and a BIG THANX ruvF and co!

just one favour to ask:
i read the readme.txt and couldn't figure out who wrote each new track, except for 2 which i saw the id3 tag:
lman - title
christian - cave in trance (in my opinion, by far, christian's best track. i was shocked! BOMBASTIC!!!)

thanx again guys, and TO ALL TURRI FANS: HAPPY NEW YEAR && may 2011 be another turri fan-tastic year! cheers
@ poutsolkis: This track is old. I never remixed this one (From 2007.
Perhaps I will do that later).
Now I do other music (T35, Fast Striker Dreamcast Soundtrack you can find on Youtube, other Remixes), and I make money with my music too.
The quality of my music is today much better like before. Only a few older productions are nearly as good as the newer ones (Fly or Dietrack from Morgul Returns etc.)

Other Remix:
Complete Soundtrack:
glad to hear about your productions (and listen to them!!). your work pays off cause you deserve it!!

fast striker is awesome! HIGHLIGHT: you 'll never get so much action (adrenaline pump - enemies/enemy fire/bosses) with a modern style of game and "modern controls" like wiimote and kinect (nowadays, modern games are not that bombastic - that's the main reason i like oldschool games and their clones).

i liked "cave in trance" a lot (no need to remix it!!!) because it's ideal for a game level (it has the "build" feeling - you begin with a simple tune and start "building" on top of it; it's very suitable for playing a level).
i don't know anything about music composition but it seems to me as if this track uses "sound textures" that resemble "heroics" and "underwater area" (especially) from metroidican (for me these are the best tracks in metroidican).

and by the way, i liked the cave level graphics a lot. very nice artistic approach. t-all is like a "medley" with a wide variety of level styles.

also, i did a very lame "re-ordering" (t-all in 3 parts) in order to save. i don't know how t2002 saves games (t2002.sav) and i couldn't hex hack it to select level > 8 (seems that the level number is encoded as a bitfield of 8 bits without ORing).
In the first level when I reach the "Flying Hand" boss I only see corrupted graphics flying around. After a few seconds T2002 completely crashes at this point and kicks me back to windows...

I tried 3 times with no success

I'm using T2002F and TStarter 2.7

What am I doing wrong?
The reason is that you filled other gfx from other levelpacks in the gfx folder.

Solution: Reinstall T2002 or if you have a backup folder, out these files into the GFX folder.

Why? The fist boss has only changed the psb (grafic) and not the spr (coordinates), because the cordinates are the same as the original t2002.
It's probably just as RuvF said.
You don't need to explicit use T2002F, as T-Starter2.7 uses it through the level pack.
Therefore I guess, your T2002 installation is old, and most likely corrupted...
That's it! Works nice now. Thanks!
Well, as I've now finished T all I can comment.

First, the actual T all levels were awsome! Bringing back many of the best environments and graphics from the amigar with situations to match (lovely to see the propper factory graphics).

I also love the way that while the levels themselvesare new, many situations and mechanics have been made in T2002 to resemble the original Turrican ones. The T2 lift level is a case in point.

Even though the lifts don't blow up anymore, you've done fantastic things with the standard ones.

i also love the day and night effects in the out door stages, and this deffinately has to be one of the most fun versions of Morgul's tower we've seen yet.

the flight levels were also awsome.

it would've been nice to get the music cut with propper intros, ---- particularly in the T1 first stage and in Concerto for lasers and enemies, but this is only a miner point.

The game play in The t all levels is also some of the fairest I've seen. This was really my only worry sinse some of the situations in some of Ruv's other levels have been rather unreasonable, ---- that factory lava stage in the T2005 pack for instance.

However, this is certainly not true of T all, even the spike traps were some of the most fair I've seen yet, and I really enjoyed working my way through the jumps in the lift stage.

On the boss score too, great job in making some of those old T2002 bosses rather more interesting, from the flashing evil background for the Screwnut hall walker, to the very nice way you did the dragon, and the alien boss.

So, congrats all round for this, the T all stages have been fantastic and really reminded me why the turrican games are my favourite of all time.

So, after a bit of trying I disposed of the machine Ii, and got to the second part starting with th power core.

Graphically, these did feel a bit jarring, but at the sam time, it made a really nice epic end to things, rather more like an extended ending sequence than more levels. That's why even though those final flight levels were a bit strange, running from far too easy flying along and blasting to some slightly insane flying through tiny passages, I enjoyed them as a very nice extended reward for doing in the machine.

Flying through space with the planet in the background had a wonderfully epic feeling, ---- it was almost as if you could get to actually fly out with Turrican in that Red ship at the end of T1.

The one low point for me of the pack was the lava level betwene the power core and flight stages.

Though Cjo's music here was great as always, the level design just felt way off, and I couldn't really see the reason why a lava cave should come streight after you've blown up the power core.

Some of the lava pits with cog wheels and moving ledges, ---- not to mention those bouncing balls were just evil, and in fact the only way I managed to finish the stage was building up lives in previous levels, and then finding a route which minimized the amount of lava I encountered (I didn't even get chance to do the water bits at all).

So, a great job generally, a fantastic go through some old school Turrican environments with a great and epic ending, ---- just ignore the lava cave in the middle.


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