Comments for Morgul Returns 2.1 (T2002 level)

Great levelpack, graphics and music are really nice. Some levels look familiar, seem like existing levels with different graphics, but nevertheless very enjoyable.
Someone would have to be barking mad not to want even more Morgul returns, and that's what Lucasz delivers here.

Same environments, same great music, similar challenging but addictive level design, but several extra enhancements from new graphics in some levels to completely new stages.

In fact my only miner cryticism here is a vague list of changes would be nice, just to know which levels got what design ;D.

Other than that, this is just as fantastic as the original, and anyone who liked that (which should be most everybody), should certainly give this set a try.
Played the wonderful T2002X with the Morgul Returns 2.1 map.

In level 3 after the octopus and up then to the arrow to the exit i canīt
go out of the level !

Can anyone help/confirm me ?
T2002X has diferent exit rules and you need more exit tiles for turrican to pass. Soon MRX will be released and I am sure there wont be much places to stuck
Hallo lukasz !
Thank you for this happy news !
Cant barely wait for it.
Here is the new version of Morgul Returns on T2002X. If you will find any bugs, let me know!

Hallo Lukasz !

Have played it immediately and
the Octopus level exit is elegantly solved.
Then further and must say TOP TOP TOP !!!
In Level 12 i quit to Main Menu.
Next time i wanted to Continue "T2002X" startet me on level one.
So i have not played it till the end now.
Not yet ...
I've been playing Morgul Returns 2.1 and I must say it's wonderfully done. Though there's a problem: like the user before me said, when you're in some advanced level and you quit, you can't continue later from that level, it brings you back to level 1 !!
I've been playing 'til the 2nd stage of the Morgul base but at a certain point I accidentally shot some of those "fake" lighter-blue blocks and I couldn't proceed further, cause you can't jump to higher platforms (I guess this is a bug, since there's no other way). So I decided to quit and restart from the beginning of the level, but now I'm back to Level 1 :-(
It's incredibly frustrating. Is there a way to start from the level I was stuck in?
Thanx for replies.
I dont think there are bugs in the last level. There is always some other way, just look for the other place with fake wall tiles. If you quit there is no continue, but if you die there should be.
Thanx for the reply. Alright, will play it again and try to search better for other exits then.
Anyway, for the future it would be interesting for this and other levelbase projects to implement a cheat that allows to skip levels, so one can play a particular level at any given time.
I really loved this levelbase though, looks like a whole new Turrican game but it keeps the spirit of the original series, the whole atmosphere reminded me a lot of the first installment which was my favourite among the original 3. The whole jet-pack levels are awesome as well as the bones levels; I even enjoyed the flight levels more than the original games. Thanx Lukasz and I really hope you keep putting out games of such a quality and atmosphere.
You can change level placement in level editor. If you have passed some number of levels just cut them out
Hi Lukasz!
I played the whole game again and this time I think I managed to reach the exit of the tower of Morgul, though I suppose some platform should come down and pick me up? Nothing happens. Here's a picture of where I'm stuck:

Let me know if it's me or if there's something wrong.

There must be one red block missing!

I will replace that and add the levelpack with bug fixed!

If you will find bugs in any other new version of my levelpacks, pleas let me know.
Thanx!! Will do
Bug Fixed.

Sorry for it
Nomad's Game Rants
I have been binge playing the T2002 level maps since I found about them a week or so (yes I know, I'm a johnny come lately Fantastic work! Turrican 1 & 2 were some of my all time fave amiga games back in the day.

Morgul Returns 2.1 is the best one I have played so far. One question about this, and the other T2002 games - what do the crystals do?

I have activated the repair robot heli thing which is a nice touch, but do they do anything else?

My biggest gripe with T2002 in general is that the timer runs out too quickly if you want to explore the levels. Is there a way to extend it or turn it off? In Hurrican if you collect 50 crystals it extends the timer, which is a good mechanic, as the time taken to explore and collect the crystals is more than made up for by the time bonus you get for collecting them.

Keep up the good work, I'm having a blast!



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