Comments for Morgul Returns First Level (T2002 level)

This is probably the only level in the entire T2002 collection which there is absolutely no reason to play.

this is certainly not because it is a terrible level, in fact quite the opposite. A new and interesting environment of a rocky forest with lovely graphics and extremely good enemy placement and some options for exploration (even though the level itself is fairly short).

Why then is it not worth playing? Simply because there are now two exceptional Morgul returns collections by Lukas both of which contain the full version of this stage as their first level, ---- pluss many more besides.

Also, so as not to spoil the surprise Lukas disabled a few things in this stage, including music.

Back when first released it made a wonderful preview to the Morgul returns level collection, and gave us all some great anticipation, but now, unless you'd like to try it as a prelude to the collection itself, your best off just ignoring this single stage and seeing the full extent of Lukas great work in Morgul returns and Morgul returns 2.

Oh, and also for some reason it seems impossible to complete this level pack properly, sinse when you finish the Morgul returns prelude level, you end up on the demo field from the title screen of T2002, power squares and all, which of course has no exit which is at least a litle bit frustrating.

While Lukas work on Morgul returns (not to mention his other levels), is indeed fantastic and absolutely well worth checking out for every Turrican fan, i do wonder if this prelude level should possibly be retired from the database.


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