Comments for Scrapyard (T2002 level)

Wow! not long after T all, another level from ruv.

This time it's a complete remake of the Scrapyard from T3, with all original music, graphics sfx etc.

This makes for deffinately a fun couple of levels, ---- I was actually slightly surprised the Scrapyard never made it into T all sinse imho it's one of the most fun bits of T3, especially meeting old bosses again for a rematch, a tradition that's carried on here.

Some of the convertion to T3 with the T2002 entinge was a litle strange, ---- like the big explosion at the end of your surround, and the way you'd suddenly get the T2 sound saying "surround" among the T3 ones, , but this really didn't matter, everything is very spot on and has the more run and gun avoidence style of gameplay T3 has.

not a lot of exploring (though i did come across a couple of secrets), but that's just as in the original.

One thing which particularly impressed me, just as in T all was Ruv's ability to use traps in levels others than enemies which damage you such as crushers and spikes in a very reasonable way, and not just stick them all over the place so that you have no choice but be damaged constantly as some other designers have.

I'm thinking here particularly of the bouncing balls. Some other levels just stick them everywhere, but while Scrapyard has many of them, they can all be avoided with the correct timing and skill.

Difficulty overall in the set seems medium, however multiple instances of the spaceship boss which gives two one ups when killed puts it rather on the easy side, even though the enemy placement and design doesn't give too many breaks.

In fact my only really major problem with the set is it was too short, I deffinately would've liked some more stuff to play in this style and was quite disappointed when i got to the exit ;D.

I'll certainly be looking forward to seeing what Ruv comes up with next.
Currently I don't work at any project because I want to rest a little bit
But a new project is already planned ^^
Quite understandable after T all, but I'll certainly be looking forward to whatever project you come up with next.


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