Comments for Bronko's Walkerfactory (T2002 level)

According to Bronko this was originally intended to be a redesigned factory stage to be included in the T2002 Gba version, but Pecaro decided just to use all the original stages again instead so we get to play it as an extra here (which is doubly good sinse goodness knows what happened to the gba version of T2002).

Back to things though, welcome to an all new factory with lots of the usual fun, fires, spikes, moving ledges, conveyrs wheels and crushers. fortunately in dealing with all these hazards, Bronko hasn't been too stingy with the extras especially if you explore a bit, ---- actually I began to think this stage was easy for a bit given the amount of stuff I found before I encountered some of the nastier traps and more complex routes.

Actually the way through this stage struck me as quite a bit more convoluted than Pecaro's original interpretation, which makes it at the least a harder challenge to your orientation skills especially among the tiny passageways and crowded environment in the factory.

All in all a good solid level and one which provides a pretty even challenge, well worth checking out especially if your a fan of lots of exploring.
The "tiny passageways and crowded environment" are a tribute to the smaller screen on the GBA.

I'm glad, you had fun.
Well the environment didn't seem unusually crowded as compared to what you'd usually expect in the factory.

That's always one thing I've liked about Turrican, even though the basic elements of the level enemies, ledges, lifts, abysses etc don't change too much from level to level other than growing harder and more numerous (at least in T1 and T2 anyway), the environment itself can change the gameplay, mechanics and exploring quite a lot giving stages a very different feeling.

For instance, surface levels tend to be very open with the odd abyss or waterfall interspursed with many more inclosed caverns, while cave levels can have many large connected caverns with ledges sspread around them, the wet dungeon type as in T1 world 2 has lots of long alleys and shafts etc.

Factories always seem very cramped and irregular with lots of tyte spots, hidden crevices and such, so even if you did try to make things a bit more inclosed to fit on the Gba screen, it doesn't imho seem to be odd or out of place, ---- not for instance the way it might if you did an out doors level with lots of small passages.


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