Comments for T2005 (T2002 level)

this is another of Ruv's earlier sets, very much designed with traditional turrican mechanics and graphics, it actually rather resemblbes Ruvfican in some respects.

level order follows a fairly traditional pattern, outside to caverns to alien land to the factory, though there are some rather odd breaks in the middle for instance a short stage which basically just comprises one boss, ---- though having another outside waterfall ruines stage later on the way the original Pecaro T2002 set does was rather nice and gave you a break from all that darkness.

I did notice a couple of graphical hickups, ---- such as there being a ledge in the alien corridor which is so low down that it's nearly off the screen, but these certainly don't detract from the overall quality of the set.

There are some very nice ideas in terms of platforms and enemy placement, such as the third stage being an alien corridor always going left, ---- and a rather cool, if slightly crazy constantly falling downwards final stage, but again, this is slightly liniar, ---- somewhat less liniar than Ruvfican, and with the difficulty toned down a bit, though it stil has it's tough moments.

One thing I really didn't like is that there are parts (especially in the factory), which absolutely! rely on having the flying power up to progress.

While the flying power up is a very cool idea generally, it can be a litle unexpected if you pick it up and fly the wrong way then woopse, --- no more flight power ups going now your stuck.

it's a shame Pecaro couldn't have made some way for the power up to regenerate, --- -say on a two minute cycle (couldn't be too quick or you could spam it for energy), then it would be better for level designers to include, but as it is there are parts in T2005 where if you get the power up and don't fly the right way you pretty much can't go anywhere.

This aside though, the difficulty felt a lot more even than Ruvfican, being as Ruv was a bit more generous with those power squares and even the odd extra life, though there are stil some rather evil jumps stuck in here and there, and Ruv's liking for moving ledges continues.

A pretty solid set, but I would've liked some more options for exploration in some of the stages such as the factory and the first outdoor level, ---- though I will say some of the routes are quite cunning.

Difficulty of enemy placement is generaly around the medium mark, and though there are some tricky environment puzles they didn't seem too extreme or quite as unfair as some others I've seen.

Actually this might be quite a nice set for new players to try, albeit that some parts of it don't really show off Turrican's exploration or large environments as much as they could.


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