Comments for Metroidican 2011 (T2002 level)

This Metroidican is reedition, with fixed bugs, added graphic, bosses and colour changes.

I wasnt happy about big sizes of some levels, The biggest of them was the space pirates ship. Its colours were too dark and cold, so I have added some more red and yellow.

I have also rearanged bosses types and apearence.

I think this version is much better then original.
I hope you think like that also.
Oh, it's still got no votes...
Is everyone busy like me nowadays, or are people getting lazy?
Dont look at me! Im not going to vote on my own levelpack
Metroidican got a lot of votes and that event will never change.
Well this is great!

I can't give more complete comments sinse I've not played the pack much yet (I was replaying mega man x 2).

It looks great though, especially the new choso stage, nice to see another MEtroid environment to explore.

As to votes, well one thing I do find a litle odd is that there is no news about this on Bronko's page or on Seta, ---- at least on the English versions of the pages.

This isn't supposed to be a serious cryticism, sinse I know people are busy and that maintaining websites takes time, but I will admit I do rather miss hereing about new levels and Turrican releases on sites.

checking Bronko's page or Seta and seeing a news item to say that a new level was out was almost like looking forward to new releases back in the day.

As for Metroidican, I'll try it more seriously this afternoon!
Check the shoutbox of SETA, it will always be most up-to-date. I have too little time, to take care over my page... :/
Fair enough regarding the page.

I must confess I don't check the shoutbox much on seta, usually just the news because often the shoutbox seems to be in German which I unfortunately don't speak.

As to Metroidican 2011 vs 2008, I'm not sure at the moment.

With morgul returns, the reedition as well as containing new graphics, completely replaced some levels for entirely new ones, such as stage two. Thus removing the original Morgul returns would make the original levels unavailable, which would be a shame.

With Metroidican though, I can see lots of stuff that has been added or changed, but I'm not sure if anything has been removed.

for instance, the second wild guarden Brinstar stage now ends in a maze in the thorny green background, rather than going into the red desert like area with all the alien spikes, which has now been moved onto the new third level along with a different choso ruins environment.

This changes the layout a litle from what may be expected in super metroid, not that it matters, sinse afterall this isn't planet Zeebs, but another Pirate base on Planet Naris so can't be expected to have the same layout. But I'm not sure if any of the original Wild guarden stage has been removed in the process of turning it into two stages and adding more areas, or whether everything that was in the original single stage is stil there, just expanded.

Perhaps if Lukasz could confirm this it would be a good way to ditermine whether this should be treated as a replacement of the original Metroidican or a new set of Metroidican levels.
I have splittet too big levels and changed some colours.
levels are rearanged, but not removed.

What has changed are the bosss. Alpha Ridley, and Crocomire are changed, so they wont apear in the new levelpack. That is all.
News are regulary posted in English there...
Well it is true the Seta news is usually in English, for instane I saw about the Gba version of T2002 (but that's a matter for another topic).

For Metroidican, Now that I'm back at my flat with my desktop that has T2002 on it I do wonder about the bosses. It seems silly to have two metroidicans when there is so little difference, but at the same time missing even the bosses would be less good (especially sinse the music for them is exelent as always).

Would there be any chance of perhaps creating a small boss level just to fight those two? ---- heck it wouldn't even need to be part of Metroidican, just call it extra bosses or something. Then we could have one Metroidican pack with everything.
T2002X version Updated!


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