Comments for Megaman - The Last Stand (Demo) (T2002 level)

It's quite ironic seeing this set now, since I'm at the moment on a bit of a Mega man blitz, in fact I'm currently in the middle of playing Mega man x 4.

So, Turrican meets Mega man, with the sprite from what looks to be Mega man 7 or so, and some enimy changes in the first preview of what I presume is an upcoming level pack.

How, why, and what the plot may be, or indeed what the designers plans are I'm not altogether certain since the only readme was in German, nevertheless we have the level to play, and a good solid level it is.

An icy cave with some graphics (and one or two gameplay elements like the rolling snowballs), from Lukasz very unique frozen wastes stage, along with a lot of waterfalls to fall to your doom and a visit from what I believe to be the Mad grinder boss from Mega man 7.

As an action, right to left level of easy, ---- but not too easy difficulty this works well, with nicely placed enemies and the falling hazard, indeed about what I'd expect from the first level of a turrican pack which I presume this is. Sprites have been used to good effect to give Turrican, aka mega man some different weapons to play with, I particularly like the red power pellit balls for the power squares, and the mad grinder looks fine.

the music, both for the title and for the level itself is strange but fun, the title being a rather interesting electronic yet lyrical piece that sounds almost like a hymn, and the level theme being a hard rock arrangement of the T1 title screen,which works as a nice action background albeit that it's probably not exacty suited to the arctic environment.

The problem however, is that where T2002 could at least include Metroids' false bricks, exploration and wheel even if not it's upgrades, not a lot of the Mega man gameplay makes it into Turrican. even if we compare this to the classic Mega man series on the Nes (imho the closest Mega man gets to Turrican), where there are many enemies on screen at once and gameplay is fast and smooth, Turrican is still missing a good few of Mega man's abilities, the chargeable gun, the slide, and above all the variable weapon system.

Of course this is not the designers' fault, just as the bosses of Metroidican weren't exactly up to Ridly and his pals simply because they weren't possible to create with the T2002 engine, so Mega man's weapons, nor indeed the many bosses that are the landmark of the series can't really translate into the T2002 engine either, ---- but where Metroid and Turrican are similar enough to over look the deficiency in the bosses, Mega man with it's focus on action, boss fights and acquiring weaponry rather than heavy exploration may not fare quite as well.

So, is it a good translation of Mega man into turrican? ---- possibly not. Is it however a good level in it's own right, ---- yes, absolutely, and i'll look forward to seeing where the pack goes from here on out, especially when we get into the harder stages.


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