Comments for Emiliolevel 2 (T2002 level)

Another level from Emilio, also set in the out door ruins environment. though the writeup claimed this to be also based on level 1-2 of Turrican 2, this time I didn't see the correspondance half as much as with the previous level, since the layout seemed rather different other than you starting roughly at the top left corner, and ending by jumping some waterfalls to fight the head boss with secrets below.

Generally this was a distinct improvement over the first stage, far more enemies and a much larger layout, ---- even though I personally do miss the purple sky that was in the original .

There are many secrets to find, many alternate routes, and it's possible to actually become quite lost, ---- which as we all know is the highest recommendation for Turrican levels .

The only problem however is much of the level design felt a little unfinished. There were parts for instance with jumps you couldn't make, one pat where I got completely stuck and had to restart the level just for edestroying the wrong power squre, some routes that were just plane strange and even I believe one occasion when I went through a wall.

The distribution of power ups and squares is also very uneven, and though the enemy population has encreased, you only hve to turn around to find oneups and power squares aplenty, making the level quite difficult to actually get a game over in, indeed enemies and power squares feel as if they have been largely just chucked all over the place haphazardly.

Still, this is a nice relaxing level to play, albeit that it is a little unpolished in places, and judging by his improvements in design in this stage as compared to his first, I'll be interested to see what Emilio can come up with next.


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