Comments for Turricane 3.5 Final Mission (T2002 level)

I just want to say thanks to All who helped me with this levelpack!

Christian made the main sprite and almost all musics,

Bronko made Beta Testing with helped to delete many bugs.

Manuel Sehrbrock recorded computer voice.

Peter-W Allowed me to use his remix and even redesigned it for me.

Thanks guys! Without you this levelpack wouldnt be the same!
Lukasz, the levelpack rocks!!! especially the last stages (xenomorphic action, necromantic, final challenge - i didn't like the "i am the machine"-level). man, the experience from playing through it was awesome!

whoever didn't play it is missing a big part of turri fun!

also, the soundtrack is f-o-r-m-i-d-a-b-l-e!!! i 've said it before: i 'm a big fan of Christian's. this guy is out of this world!

...and one question: are you planning something for the near future? for me, your team's levelpacks are the best.

as a player i can say: A BIG THANX TO ALL THE GUYS for making such a quality realease for the community!

Yes I think Christian has big tallent to electronic music and proudly I will say that it was my first levelpack where he has started his musician adventure

About future, I am bit busy now with my job but Ididnt removed t2002 from my comp. Althou I have no new projects, I am planning re release in the near future. I am better in changing graphics now, so some older projects can now be more what I wanned them to be in the past.
though this is based partially on the c64 games and on Turrican 3, both of which I'm less familiar with (t3 I've only ever played recently through emulation and the c64 stuff I've not played at all), it certainly wasn't necessary to appreciate the pack.

indeed, this could almost be called the return of Morgul returns, sinse the diverse environments, inclusion of flying stages and the design of the levels reminded me very much of Lucasz first pack.

What I particularly admire here is the design. lucasz has manage to come up with some very unique configurations and level ideas, some of them involving rejiggering the engine like the final fight against the machine with a special power given to Turrican, others of them just very clever redesign, such as the frozen wastes level which has a totally knew mechanic with long sloping ice flows and rolling snowballs not seen in Turrican before.

Graphically, it looks absolutely amazing, whether enhanced versions of older levels or newer ones. My only miner cryticism in terms of graphics is that sometimes the many background layers with their huge detail and forground could get confused, meaning that it wasn't always easy to see whether a feature was a platform or part of the background. This is only a miner point, but it did make levels such as I am the machine and the scrapyard slightly more tortuous than they could've been, for all they looked great.

Lucasz also got the level length right here, with more, medium large levels rather than fewer absolutely huge ones. not that I mind huge levels, but it is nice to get a break in betwene seeing many new environments.

I think the levels that most impressed me here were the flying stages. the scenery, the enemies, the background, Christians amazing music, it just all combined into a wonderful experience, indeed part of the reason it took me so long to complete this set is that I found the asteroid belt level so completely amazing to play I kept replaying it instead of going on to later stages! . while Morgul returns had pretty good flying stages, at that stage T2002 F was a new version and still experimental, and with metroidican flying stages obviously wouldn't fit, but now, we can see what Lucasz can really! do with such levels, and it's amazing.

difficulty wise, things are fairly even, indeed in terms of traps and enemies the pack felt a little less tortuous than metroidican or Morgul returns, ---- though certainly not easy. my only cryticism is that a few levels such as frozen wastes felt a little too! stingy as regards power ups, especially counting Lucasz ability to lay false trailes.

To have to make a hole bunch of wind assisted jumps from branche to branche, a long way off the beaten track, negotiate an alley full of spikes and then! backtrack a fair ways just to be awarded with a single extra life seemed a bit too unfair.This however only occurs in a few stages, and in the later levels, to compensate for the increased challenge, lucasz does up the life quota too.

Music Wise, Christian and peter have outdone themselves yet again. I particularly admire the way that the music fits the levels so well, whether it's a completely modernized remix to match an upgraded level, ---- the first track for instance reminded me of the later Mega man x ggames, sort of what T3 might have sounded like on the ps1, which also goes with the look of the level, or original tracks in a remixed 1980's, C64 style, which also contrasts with the more modern and symphonic sound of Morgul returns and Metroidican.

Lucasz levels just get better and better, and I definitely hope that after a break he'll go on to another main line Turrican project, sinse his releases are absolutely what T2002 should be, Turrican for the modern age.

I have just finished T2002X version of Turricane 3.5!
One more boss and some level maps, and sprites got redesigned.

Soon available on Levelbase!

And Merry Christmas To All Turrican Fans!!!
Great, I am looking forward to it!!! And Morgul Returns 2014 as well!
I wish everyone a merry Christmas!
T2002X version Updated!


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