Hyper Turrican Mega 1337 5 Development Diary

Hyper Turrican Mega Leet 5 (abbr. HTML5) is a little experiment of mine to run T2002 levels in the browser.
It's programmed in haXe using a game engine I originally implemented for teaching university courses in media computer-science (in German Mädcheninformatik, I think there is no real English translation for that).
I also cheat a little by looking at some C++ code of an earlier effort to reimplement T2002 which I never finished.
It runs in HTML5, Flash and natively in just about anything but right now I'm mainly interested in checking out if pure browser tech can handle the game.
Currently have no idea how far and how fast (or slow) this will go. I'll use this thread as a change log. The current version is always available at http://player.robdangero.us
Now with Walkers.
Mädcheninformatik = Medieninformatik
And you can jump on the walkers two times at least.
Politically incorrect and real mainstream. Walk right as ever, dont even think about going left from start - you will disappear and burn in hell!

I like the idea of playing turrican with every system with every browser everywhere in the world.
This is great. I am not interested in Farmville or other
sh*tty games on the web, but something like this could
get even me to Facebook or other sites
Impressive! Smooth in Chrome, a little slow in Opera. There´s no way to shoot imlemented yet, or is there?

I guess to be as enjoyable and full of effects as a native game one would need a browser with hardware-gfx-support. But since all major browser-developers seem to develop in that direction we´re not far from that.

Did you write everything from scratch?

And: How portable is Haxe really, could you just compile it as windows-executable (just out of interest)?

No shooting, it's a peaceful game.
hardware-gfx-support is implemented in all major browsers. The engine can also optionally use WebGL, it's just about JavaScript execution speed now.
Wrote everything from scratch (so my students can learn game programming from scratch, that was the idea).

haXe is not that portable per se - it does not take care about the different APIs and so on at all. But my game engine (Kha) does, I uploaded a Windows build for you: http://player.robdangero.us/win.zip It runs on just about anything natively with just a rebuild (browser, win, mac, ios, android, xbox,...). AFAIK it's the most portable game engine in existence.
Started implementing some shooting. Press the s(hoot) button.

This is weerd. The above link to the website just gives me a black screen with nothing loading, though sinse I'm using ie 8 that might be why (firefox crashes after five seconds, and any other version of ie would mean the horrors of windows 7).

I did however download the confusingly named winzip, however something very weerd is happening, the game window just appears to the far right of my screen, but not a complete window, only a small portion, like a long strip down the right hand side of my display.

I know ie is displaying fine, and obviously T2002 and other games are fine too, but goodness knows what's happening here, however true to my current function on the forum being the fellow who reports problems to Robbert I thought I'd be consistant .

Oh, and btw, as far as web games go, like anything else so long as you stay away from the commercialized rubbish there are some good things out there.

I hate facebook and twitter with a passion reserved for the black death, ---- no, I don't! want to see cute photos of your dog or hear what you had for breakfast, but there are some pretty good purely brouser based games I've run into, most especially core exiles, a spaceship trading, combat and exploring text based gamee.

probably unique in that it's the only brouser game I've ever seen that isn't just lots of power mad players grinding their stats up to see who can kill each other.

It's nothing like turrican of course, being click based and not exactly real time, but it's good fun, so if someone wanted a good brouser game I'd recommend it.

Find it at www.core-exiles.co.uk, and if you want to look me up I'm dark empathy on there.

Now, back to your usually scheduled Turrican.
Thanks for the feedback. IE8 is indeed not working and will not work - it's missing fundamental features for a game like that (more exactly the canvas element) and is also way too slow. But Firefox should work, are you using a recent version? And what happens with win.zip is really weird, have currently no idea at all about that. Which gfx card do you use?
Is this flash version working for you? http://player.robdangero.us/flash.html
The flash seems absolutely fine in terms of display, though I couldn't get the keyboard input to work (which might be my screen reading software).

As to firefox, it is the latest version I tried, firefox 10, however it crashes after about a minute on whatever page and gives me one of those "report this problem" boxes. Frankly it seems so unstable as to be ridiculous, though to be honest I don't really care that much as I don't do anything really graphical with a brouser anyway, and windows 7's bloody irritating interface (especially for a screne reader), and lack of compatibility with things would be far more of a pain. why microsoft couldn't just stick with xp, or at least have a decent xp compatibility mode in 7 I don't know.

Nevermind however, flash is probably workable, indeed I've been playing an extremely fun rick dangerous flash remake off and on for a while, see http://rickdangerousflash.free.fr/

I'm not actually sure what graphics card this is or where to find out unfortunately, I have seen radion x something written on the system tab, but I believe that's the processor rather than the graphics card, ---- I freely confess computer hardware isn't my speciality, particularly when it comes to graphics sinse I stopped caring about modern games when everything went 3D and 32 bit.
You have to click the flash game to make the keyboard input work (that's a general flash limitation).
Firefox 10 is already outdated, try 13 (I onle test with the most current versions).
Radeon is a series of garphics chips. And a good one, so normally it should work. Sorry, currently out of ideas about that one.
What are the controls? Please add them somewhere on the page.
Cursor keys and s for some shooting.


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