Comments for Emiliolevel 3 (T2002 level)

In several ways this is an improvement over both emilio's previous levels. I like the lion heart sky, the very unique mix of backgrounds (some of the water effects in this stage looked rather wonky to me, but who's counting), also, the layout of things seemed far more logical, even though there was still the problem that there were faaaaaaar too many power squares and extras.

I only really had one problem with this level, I couldn't find! the exit.

the area I thought it was in (a ruins cave in the bottom right of the level past the dragon boss, a lot of lifts and a small pool of water), had no way to proceed at all. Usually i don't give up with T2002 levels until I finish them, but here I just couldn't find a way through, indeed what seemed! to be the pathway had a block in the way.

I'm not sure whether there was a moving ledge that I missed seeing, ---- indeed the amount of very, very long lifts that often serve little purpose in this level seemed excessive, however after spending an hour scouring the entire level with lots of backtracking, I gave up which is certainly not my normal practice with t2002 levels.

If anyone's actually finished this I'd appreciate hereing, otherwise I can only assume that there is a design mistake, which is a shame, sinse apart from the rathe easy enemy difficulty and too large quantity of lifts and other features, this would be Emilio's best level yet.


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