Comments for T2002 Megaman Remake (T2002 level)

Another cross over of turrican and Mega man, though where as reentier's first stage was more a hybrid of the two games, having Mega man sprites but a very Turrican enspired level, this is much more obviously a straight out remake of the very first Mega man game, using wripped graphics from both the nes original, and what I believe to be the the Sega mega drive wily wars remake (though I've not played those games so wasn't sure).

Mostly though the levels looked very authentic indeed, despite a plane black out door sky in some stages. My only gripes in terms of graphics is that in several cases it was difficult to tell background from forground elements. For example, in the guts man stage, the tracks that in the original game are background elements showing the paths of moving mine cart ledges were actually things you could jump on, and in several places I was stuck until i realized that you could jump on the bottom of a ladder.

I also personally didn't like the rather yellow background at the last wily castle stage, though that's probably just me.

generally speaking however the gameplay worked extremely well. The levels progressed in difficulty as you fight through the laires of the six original stolen robot masters (complete with the classic nes music), and then two levels of Dr. wily's castle.

Many of the original mega man enemies translated over to turrican extremely happily, such as bomb birds and susies, and I was very impressed at the way Reentier used Turrican traps to accurately simulate the Mega man ones, such as flame pillars, moving ledges and water currents, plus adding some Turrican specific nasties like an extremely fun flying section on the last stage.

Sinse original mega man was the simplest game in terms of hard coded, level specific traps having no instant kill force beams, controllable moving block, light puzzles or more of the unique action challenges that became staples of later mm games, much of the feeling of the levels is preserved, indeed several stages seemed quite a bit longer and more complex in their layouts.

While there wasn't perhaps as much exploration as in a normal Turrican stage, i didn't mind this too much sinse obviously Mega man was far more about the action (especially in his Nes outings).

the one serious problem with the set however is that the most important and major element of Mega man, the weapons you collect from each boss and the detailed and complex boss fights was completely absent. while this is obviously a limitation of the editer, it still did make things feel a little strange, getting to a wall of blocks that in the original would take a special weapon to move and being able to blast them away, or not being able to get past those fire pillars by freezing them with the Ice Slasher. it

It was also a little strange to finish a robot masters' stage and not find him waiting for you at the end, though I will admit The bosses themselves, even accepting their limitations were generally pretty creative, taking various of the nasty, flying enemies from the mm series (including several of the Evil doctor's flying machines), and translating them into spike laden arenas, or giving them slightly different movement patterns.

In particular the skull machine that replaced the eyeball boss was extremely effective, sinse the pattern of it's spiral shots matched the nes appearence of the boss very nicely.

the one thing which Reentier could! have changed with the bosses is their music, sinse fighting Dr. wily to the fish boss theme was really not appropriate, and just as the Mega man 6 title theme was used (sinse Mega man 1 never had a title theme), it wouldn't have been out of place to use the boss tracks from other nes mega man games.

All in all this was a good set, despite not quite hitting the mark as far as emulating Mega man goes due to engine limitations, however I'm not sure how far this theme could be taken in the future given that the T2002 engine is limited in how well it can create specific trap elements and level gimmics, as well as in it's lack of bosses.

while I wouldn't be against another mega man set, I would be interested to see what Reentier's design skills and abilities for unique uses of game elements could do with something original, or even something more traditionally Turrican based in the future.


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