Comments for Tower of Morgul (T2002 level)

This was the first level released by Lukas back in 2006, and was therefore I believe his first experiment at using the editer.

The level takes the form of a large remix of Morgul's evil tower from original turrican with ripped graphics, plus a few extra turnings involving moving ledges, extra bosses and water.

This however is absolutely welcome, sinse Morgul's tower, being the classic evil base with it's sterile surroundings and alien environment is one of the best loved places in Turrican and always worth a visit, whether in a remixed form as in morgul returns, or in a more standard configuration as here.

For a first design effort this plays extremely well. Well placed enemies, a fine design with lots of exploring, plus bringing back a few features such as the block labyrinth from turrican's first stage , and the outside passages.

it's pretty clear from this set that Lukas ability to create astoundingly good design shines through even with no modifications to the surroundings or music.

all that being said, as a first creation this one still has a number of rough edges.

First and formost is the problem of music. the morgul fight boss music that is used in the level's background, while logical, does great after a while given that this is not a short level. one advantage of Chris huelsbek's music was always that in tough levels like indeed 5 the original tower it provided more than enough melody and chord transpositions not to start getting up your nose if you took a long time on a level. boss music however with it's far shorter length and far more repetitive tune, good as it might be for a minute's fight against a boss, doesn't have this quality, and can paul after a short time .

Secondly and more seriously, there are a few patches of glitchy design, and a few ideas that weren't quite calculated correctly. For instance, when falling down one watery shafter to fight the fish boss, if the player hold's right it's possible to get the boss stuck in a wall, and thus be unable to destroy it. there is also a long corridor of many small shooting turrits that should really have been shorter given the care that's needed to traverse it, the same background and forground and lack of other distinctive enemies besides the turrets.

also, while having the block labyrinth , that my friend and I used to refer to as "make your own maze", was a great idea and a welcome return, I do agree with bronko that it was a bit too long, especially if your unlucky with weapons and don't! have bounce.

the final most major problem with the level, is that though I've played it a good few times, I always seem to get to a point where I cannot continue, shortly after a fish boss, sinse there is a jump at the top of a shaft with red walls that is impossible to make.

While it is possible this is my own oversight, it might also be a problem in the design, which would be a shame indeed.

Lukas has said that he plans to smooth out some old projects, and I certainly think this tower could do with some attention. It's many good points are too good to miss, and it'd be great to have it's flaws smoothed over.

Yes, Lukas visited the tower again in Morgul returns, but this is still a good level, and with some small corrections could be a great one, a nice bit of nostalgia for fan's of classic Turrican.
If there are some problems let me know (some pictures of the bugs would help

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to take screenshots, however I can describe both bugs I mentioned.

The first occurs when you fall down the shaft with the fish boss at the bottom. where as I assume what should! happen is you swim left into a fairly narrow passage and the boss comes from the right, if however you fall down the right hand side of the shaft the boss still appears from the right and gets stuck in the wall.

This could be fixed I think either by changing the boss to come from the left, or by having the boss triggered to appear when you swim into the narrow area, not when you fall down from above.

The second issue occurs a short time after defeating the fish boss.

AFter getting out of the water and progressing right a short distance, there is a shaft with alternating ledges and a red wall on the right. At the top, the upper ledge is set too high to jump up to.

It is for this reason I've never completed tower of morgul, sinse there seems no other way to progress forward, which is why I believe this is a bug. Of course, I might be wrong and just missed the correct route, though my completion record with other levels (including Morgul returns, metroidican and turricane 3.5), seems pretty okay, which inclines me to wonder if it is a design problem.

has anyone else finished tower of morgul?
Bronko has finished the tower, the fish location can be avoided

Tower of Morgul, or Morguls laboratory as I called it, was the first levelpack I designed when I had no idea how to create animations and edit sprites. The level is not perfect for sure, but as I have mentioned I intend to work on my old levelpacks to fix some bugs, so the tower is no exception.

Soon it will be released, and I hope those bugs will not apear.
The Fish is most problematic boss, but I found a way to avoid the problems you have mentioned, soon you will know
I'll look forward to the new revision, as I said, this is a pretty good level despite the issues I mentioned. In the mean time, when my pc comes back from having it's graphics card replaced I'll try and find an alternative route around the fish boss location sinse finishing
morgul's tower is always very satisfying!


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