Comments for Metroidican Mission-X (T2002 level)

Here is my latest levelpack!
I hope it is as good as first Metroidican!

I had some problems with beta testing so if you will find any bugs let me know! But I hope i have removed all of them

I would like to thanks to everyone who helped me in releasing that levelpack
Peter Skutecki, Christian and Bronko! Thanks for your help guys!

Take a good look at the story!

Can't speak for the story since I can't read the text, however the pack looks great so far, for all I've not played too much, flying with Samus' ship is a nice touch.

I've only found one thing that might possibly be a bug, in the first mission briefing stage, I'm pretty sure the small tunnel to the right is supposed to be a level exit so that you can quickly move on without having to pass all the panels with the story, but that exit doesn't appear to work, the only one is the one to the far left.

I'm not sure if this was a bug or not, (since i'm not sure if you meant to have another exit there), but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Apart from that (and that doesn't really matter), everything seems to be great, and I'll make some more full comments when I've played the pack more extensively.

Congrats on another fantastic release.

Truth is that I removed that exit. The player should read the intro text to know what is going on.

By the way, I hope the text is not too small. I did my best to make it clear, but the map would be too big if the letters would be bigger.

Ah, fair enough regarding the exit. Unfortunately with my level of sight, text would need to be truly massive for me to read, indeed I don't read print at all (I use a screen reading program to speak text on the internet, in text files etc).

This is why I'm such a major fan of series like Turrican Metroid etc, since they are very detailed and involved to play but don't require reading text, and also why playable games for me pretty much died out after the release of the playstation 1 since then everything became 3D and too complex, which is another reason I so much appreciate new turrican levels in the old style.
Metroidican-X rocks!!! Congrats on yet another awesome rock-solid fabulous release! turri ftw!!

Nice Knowing that you like it. Once you will pass the levelpack i hope to see some comments.
Metroidican is unplayable on my computer (win xp sp3). After starting a new game, it runs at about 0.5 fps. Dunno why. There is no problem with other levelpacks.
Hello Lukasz.
Today I finished Metroidican Mission X. I liked everything but especially the design of the third level (the Torn Jungle) and of the last level (the Alien Vault): they are very beautiful to see. Also the final surprise is very nice (Miss McGuire... wow...).
I wait for your levelpacks with great impatience. In my opinion they are even better than the original games: longer and more detailed. The musics are OK.
I hope to see new levelpacks from you soon. Continue this way!!...
@sniperx: suggestion: play with the .ini setup file 3d acceleration property (I can't recall the exact property name right now).

@basevenghi: I totally agree with you!!! Lukasz and team are doing AWESOME things! The turri community as a whole owes them a lot!
@poutsoklis: thanks, that solved the problem (use3d=0)
My World maps are getting bigger and bigger, and that may be one of the problems.

So I imagine that no bugs were found! Great!
I do my best to make the levelpacks as best as I can!

All for you my fellow Turrican comunity members!
Excellent levelpack with ton of inspiration i believe ! I have not played it yet but i will , sooner or later . I have limited time because of Turrican Returns project but the Turricane 3.5 i played back then is the reason why i will play in full Metroidican mission X You are one of the best and its pity that you will not with us on Turrican Returns .... best wishes to you and yours
Metroidican 2013 and Morgul Returns 2013 would be greatly appreciated. Your levelpacks are true masterpieces, Lukasz!
Well I'm not sure about upgrading original metroidican and Morgul returns, both have been upgraded already and I'm not convinced they need more work, indeed I'm happy with all of Lukasz levelpacks as is.

I've now finished metroidican mission x and I distinctly liked.

I especially appreciated the fact that the Metroid riped graphics were not always obvious. There were some places where they were (like the power stage), but not all, though i did notice several very clever references back to Metroid Ii, like th nest corridors in the torn jungle.

in general a lovely looking pack all around with a vibrant and bright atmosphere.

Gameplay was mostly evened out as well, without any of the major unfareness, though those wind jumps in the shaft level got me cursing .

I particularly loved the return of the Nightmare, (with actually better music than in Metroid fusion i thought), that was especially cool, and flying in the ship at the beginning battling dragons in space was a great addition, albeit the asteroid belt from Turricane 3.5 is still my absolute favourite flying stage yet.

my only real cryticism is with the music. Not that Peter didn't do a good job, but that the over all feeling was a little too modern, pop and trance for the feeling of many levels. This isn't true everywhere, the first level and power room had great music, but it did effect some parts such as the alien vault, and I didn't really appreciate hearing "here we go" and other samples.

It's always been the melody and cord structure that had as much involved with the Turrican soundtracks as the synth instrumentation, and it was those areas felt a little lacking.

In fairness Peter isn't the only composer for T2002 levels to have done this, but I did feel it was a little out on such a classic themed pack as a tie in with Metroid.

Of course, this is personal opinion, and I admit for music I am rather particular, indeed it's sort of an interesting fact that next year I'll be studdying voice full time, and that! is partly due to Turrican's inspiration.

it is also not fair to say all! music was like this, I particularly liked the first level theme, underground theme and ending theme, indeed the ending felt great.

All in all an outstanding job, colourful, vibrant and great fun. It's quite amazing really that even though T2002 is over 10 years old, people are still! finding new ways to use the game elements to create new places for Turrican to explore.
Yes Metroidican is perfect to me as it is in its version from 2011.
How ever MR upgrade was a failure in my opinion. I was searching the way to make it better, but in the end it was just less colorfull. Now I will change some bosses images, add more colours, redesign some levels, and add one flight level with boss in it. I asure you, it will be the last version, and I hope it will surpass both previous MRs
That sounds fun, i'd certainly appreciate some redesigns and another flying level (maybe bring back the downwards jetpack if the engine will do that since that's not something we've seen since original T1).

I also did personally like some of the colour scheme more in original mr myself, especially in really long levels like "the next" since looking at different contrasting coloured areas within one level can give you a nice break and also make you feel like your discovering many different places rather than retreading the same ground.

I really admired the lava power room in Mission x for this, it was great to start off underground in a rocky lava area, then find more technology and finally wind up in the high tech steel mill type of environment from sector 3 of Metroid fusion.

At some point I'd also love to see an update of Tower of Morgul too. Levels with custom graphics and music are awsome, but it's nice to revisit old favourites occasionally as well, particularly when the design can be up to the standard of Mt trens originals making them feel like actual extentions of the original games.
That is why 3D will never beat 2D in climat. Old games helped us to use our imagination, New games do everything for us, and while it is true, that there are some realy great 3d Games (My personal favourit is Half life 2) then there will be no game like Turrican ever again. Not made by professionalists at least.

There will be much more colours then in original MR that I can promise But I will disapoint you, no asteroids in flight level.
Ah, sounds good, i'll look forward to it.

I don't know what it is with the asteroid belt from Turricane 3.5, the gameplay with having to dodge around the small asteroids and larger space stations, the graphics, the really awsome music, if there was a stage where everything worked %100 that was it.

T2002X version Updated!


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