Who IS Bren Mcguire?

Liam Fay
We all know Bren McGuire - famous leader of the Turrican franchise. But that's all we know.

Who truly IS this man?

Here's what we'll do: we'll come up with a scenario of what kind of person he is outside of that Turrican suit. We'll judge the following categories. Here's my take:

PERSONALITY - Rebellious, strict
WEALTH - 2000000
JOB - Denaris Entertainment Software
SPARE TIME ACTIVITIES - Gym, shooting range, library
DOES HE HAVE A WIFE - Yes (He got one at the end of T3, remember?)
Interesting idea.

Personally I never liked the kidnapped girl plot in t3, you had no idea who that mia woman was or what really she had to do with the machine, it all seemed a bit random.

I actually did start writing a full scale Turrican novelization at one point. In that, Bren Mcguire was actually something of a failure, sinse he'd been involved in a doomed expedition to a planet with an acidic atmosphere, ( actually like the hard woods environment from T4 funeral).

Colonel Striker ended up pretty much forcing him to go on the mission with the avalon 1, because they needed a third Turrican suit operator. Mcguire didn't get on with the other two suit operators, mostly because he was bought in at the last minute as n outside choice and because Colonel Striker was a friend of his father's.

The story was also an attempt to link together t1 and t2 plots in a much more coherent way. The reason however I never finished is I realized I'd pretty much need to write an entire thousand year galactic timeline, between the appearence of the vil evill moon in Earth's solar system in 2086, the defeat of morgul in 2090 by Turrican (actually Adam Turricano, the first genetically modified human born off earth), and after various colonizations, wars across the solar system, contact with aliens and the like, the events of T2 happening in 3025.

The final revelation was that the machine was actually the original Turrican, who'd stolen the ship from the evil moon and arrived wherever all that technology came from, and he was altered to live a thousand years and finally ride a second evil moon out to planet Landorin and carry out the invasion. The implication was that because Turrican was pretty much abandoned by everyone once he landed on the evil moon and took out Morgul, he got rather irritated with life in general.

the final end was going to be Mcguire leaving the evil moon around Landorin to go wherever the moons came from, but with the implication that because he was a very different person from Turrican, didn't believe himself to be better than others etc, he would succeed in destroying whatever was behind the invasions and surviving whatever process had turned Turrican into The machine with his humanity intact.

I liked some of the random ideas I came up with for the story, in particular the vunesians, a race who didn't use science but just comprehended different things directly, and the idea that the Landorins were actually a colony of humans from the criogenic colonization ship Lamda.

I also rather liked the history of the first Turrican suit, something which actually could only be operated by someone with genetic enhancements because of the coordination required.

I don't know if it'll ever get done though sinse as I said the amount of background required for the plot was huuuuuuge!
Liam Fay
Hmmm... sounds like a wonderful book!
Maybe you'll even get Manfred's permission to publish it!
Or just make it a download onto notepad or wordpad or something. I dunno.
Hope it goes well!
I don't know if it was going to be a full book or just a long short story, or even whether it'll ever get finished sinse as I said the background was pretty insane in terms of length.

If I did finish I wasn't specifically planning on publication so much as I was just planning on it being a vague bonus on the site., indeed when I initially began on it I thought it'd be less of a task than it actually proved.

One of the biggest problems of Turrican's storyline is just how little of it there is, and how confusing, not to say contradictory some bits of it are. For example the Evil moon is mentioned in the T2 instruction manual, and it's implied that that was the home of Morgul, however it also states that the evil moon was orbiting planet Landorin.

Then, the intro doesn't mention any of this and just talks about how the Avalon 1 was attacked by the machine's hoards.

Just to be even more confusing, the Amigar plot to T1 just basically says Morgul was the lord of nightmares from nother dimention, while other versions said he was some sort of bio computer on a colony that had gone crazy! but those versions also only mentioned Turrican as being a genetically modified human.

That was why I settled on trying to put everything together, though that was also why it was proving a pain in the kneck sinse I had to write loads of background.

it's actually a bit weerd that the Turrican games had so little plot, especially given how good the atmosphere in the gameswas and how memmerable the bosses were. indeed ironically the only Turrican game that did! seem to have a really comprehensive story was Super Turrican 2, the least like a true Turrican game of all the classic series.
Stealth Banana
dark, if you ever publish that book I would so read it! I love how you managed to tie in the stories of Turrican and Turrican II. All this time I assumed that T2 was more of a reboot than a sequel to the first game, since it revolves around Earth/Landorin whereas the first game was in a completely different setpiece location (Alterra). All of which could arguably be in the same universe, but from what I observed everything since T2 had something to do with Landorin/Earth and "The Machine" was always the antagonist, you never heard about Morgul or anything from the first game since, plus the protagonist actual had a new identity in the form of Bren Mcquire so I was under the impression that T1 was all make believe in the timeline.

But then you completely blow my mind by hypothesizing the notion of The Machine being the original Turrican all along (both of these characters are cyborgs after all, it's pretty much proven that Turrican from the first game was in fact man made, unlike Bren Mcquire who is a Captain/Soldier, and very much in the flesh). This also makes a butt load of sense because in the original Turrican, soldiers didn't wear "Turrican Assault Suits" because the technology wasn't present and/or it was untested for human use. It wasn't until a genetically enhanced man-made soldier, this so called Adam Turricano, put the suit to the ultimate test (which, incase you didn't know, "Adam Turricano" was the name of an Italian that Manfred Trenz looked up in a phone book by happenstance, and he borrowed the "Turricano" part of the name to incorporate into what is now Turrican). But after the events of Turrican and with the defeat of Morgul, it was a clear indicator that the Turrican suit was something worth investigating, and surely enough it became the staple for the most elite class of military personel, which we clearly witness in T2 and beyond.

You sir, deserve to be the director of a Turrican film in the making if it ever happened! Please keep writing this stuff, I loved everything I read so far and for the first time I honestly feel like there is just as much for potential for a "Turrican universe" as there is a "Halo universe" and a "Mass Effect universe" and a "Fallout universe" etc. Some really brilliant ideas in those few short paragraphs I read dude! Please keep going with it and honestly I'd try to not worry too much about the timeline gap between the first two games, since where things now stand that could be anyones guess! And it's not like there's a new Turrican game on the horizon to come along and debunk your interesting ideas/theories about the Turrican timeline, so just have fun with it and be creative! Cheers
Thanks for the encouragement stealth banana. I always thought that the major connection between T1 and T2 was that by the time of T2 Turrican's story was a legend, and the Turrican suit was named after that legendary hero just as now we have things like Hercules missiles named after the Greik myth.

I did always however find it a little strange how similar (accept in hight), Turrican in t2 and the machine seemed to be. Both looked to be wearing some sort of armour, though in the machine's case it was an orange red colour, both had helmets and both had jetpacks. This lead to the idea of the two being sort of related hence my thought on the Machine actually being the original Turrican sinse as you said, both are cyborgs.

With Turrican 2, we know the plot happens in 3025, sinse it says so in the intro, though how the idea of Landorin vs the Avalon 1 go together isn't clear in the game. I was also a little confused on how the original turrican plot basically just said Morgul was the lord of nightmares from another dimention, while the t2 manual mentioned something about an evil moon. Then just to confuse matters even further the plot on the wikipedia article which apparently came from the Turbografcs system said turrican was a genenetically created human.

So I sort of put these elements together for the time line.

I wanted the original Morgul attack on earth to happen a long time before 3025, so I have it happening in 2090, 100 years after The publication of the turrican game for amusement. I also have heard the story of "turricano" being an Italian name that was used, though the first name Adam is my idea based on Adam from the bible.

I'll actually see what I can do about completing this, sinse I have the timeline complete up to 2430 and the first contact between humans and an alien race, sinse the apearence of the evil moon and the Morgul invasion which is probably enough history to be going on with particularly sinse I want to leave it quite unclear where the original morgul and the evil moon actually came from.
Lord Morgul
If you write or have already written your story i want to read it. I often theorize the details of the franchise storyline. If you would send the story to my email. Would also be interesting to discuss Turrican with you as you also seem very passionate about it, as am i.
Lord Morgul
I have theorized that The Machine is actually Morgul. After Morguls defeat by the first Turrican he decided to return in a form that mirrors Turrican hence why they look so similar. I have also theorized that is they aren't the same being that The Machine still has some connection to Morgul (perhaps using the same technology). Perhaps after Morguls defeat the being known later as The Machine stumbled upon the wreckage and used Morguls technology to transform himself into The Machine. Very intersting to speculate on. The atmosphere and story of Turrican is very interesting. The manuals may not actually be contradicting themselves but simply telling different parts of the story. Such as Morgul being the Lord of Nightmares from another dimension and also being a supercomputer that controls an ecosystem. He may be both. He may have took the form of a supercomputer when he entered this dimension because that was the form he deemed appropriate to achieve his goal/goals. Manipulating the beings in the ecosystem to build it for him to possess. The story of Turrican is so vague that it could be written a number of ways.


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