Hurrican and T2002 on Android ?

Hello all fans of Turrican

On the Android system are available SNES emulators, Amiga, Sega, C-64, and I have a possibility of playing a series of games Turrican.

  Is it released the source code T2002?

Hurrican source code has been released:
SDL also:
and was released for Linux, AmigaOS4, Odroid, Raspberry Pi

The sad thing is that no one has made this for Android: (
I was asking android dev Beloko Games but did not get an answer: (

Is there any chance that someone will port T2002 ora Hurrican on android?

Sorry for my poor English
Liam Fay
T2002 maybe, (you could port it onto the gameboy) but Hurrican? I don't know. The controls for Hurrican are kind of complex, so we'll have to see.
So I played T2002 android emulator GBA and GBA emulator on the console
Open Pandora. Game runs properly, but this version is stripped down relative to the PC version.
I think that I T2002 can be on Android.

Yes Hurrican has a lot of action buttons but I think it's not a problem.
  Look at the ports of PC games from Beloko games-there is also a lot of control buttons.

I once tried to play Hurrican on my Note 2 with Splashtop THD Gamepad and played me very well. Lot of buttons does not bother to play.

That would be a wonderful thing if he was released T2002 and Hurrican on Android.
Liam Fay
Hurrican on the go? I'm sold.
Liam Fay very sorry but I do not understand-you can simply?

My English is poor
Liam Fay
It would be great if Hurrican could be played portable, as I could take it anywhere, maybe into a pizza store, and play it wherever I want.

It's okay that your English is poor. As long as it's readable, it's perfect for me.
About T2002 gba vs pc, the gba version is just the original Pecaro levels. It has a couple of tweaks like saving to individual stages and an actual map, but it's mostly the same game with actually slightly inferior sounding music sinse the T2002 pc version uses the Amiga originals, in either Tfmx or mp3 format.

The main thing with T2002 however are the many many packs of levels that have been created for it, and those are only available for Pc unfortunately.

personally i couldn't play Turrican games on smaller screens anyway so I don't care that much about Android ports, but I do hope original T2002 with all it's levels and it's editer becomes usable on windows 8.
Where you can ask the developers or forum where Android programming
you can ask for a port Hurrican?
We've not heard anything from the makers of Hurrican for quite a while and their homepage seems to have vanished too.

It'd be good if they improved their level editer so that people could make more levels for the game, as it's apparently not great at the moment which is why there are so few Hurrican levels.
Poke53280 page does not exist. Just as the home page and the forum Hurrican game.
I asked the author(eiswuxe) whether he would do game port games for Android.
He replied that he could not but would be very glad as anyone to do it.

The question of who would be able to do that?
Where do I ask?
For what devloper Android forum to ask?
Im thinking of making an android version of tht, not exactly that but smthing close. what do u guys thnk


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