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I am currently in the process of remastering the Turrican soundtrack to FLAC. I have encountered a couple of problems and I wonder if anybody could help me.

I have been using UADE to generate wave files from the original TFMX modules and processing them in Audacity. One problem I came across was the existence of clicks and glitches in the original file (the track "Pathfinder" was a particular example of this). I found that the TFMX modules sourced from Modland did not suffer from this problem, but those from Unexotica and from here did.

The problem I currently have is that I cannot find the track "Base Invader" anywhere in the modules. It exists in the game and on the official OSV from Chris Huelsbeck's Bandcamp page. It is also available on the "Evolution" Album available from this site, it is track 05_t1-level3-4.mp3 . But I cannot find it at all in the modules and I have looked systematically. I thought maybe UADE could be skipping it, but I tried playing the level 3 module in XMPlay but still could not find the missing track. The track ought to be located on the level 3 module, between "Jet Pack Attack" and "Flightmare". Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

A second issue is the track "Alien Labyrinth" on the official OSV, which I also cannot find in the modules. There is a wind blowing track but this is very different to what is on the OSV.

Many thanks,

In the worst case you could try re-ripping them yourself (should be not a big deal using WinUAE) or fixing the sample-file (*.SAM). I remember as I ripped them 20 years ago or so I had to manually adjust the timing in the sample-files, maybe I wasnŽt 100% accurate somewhere.

Or try directly saving the WAV-Output in Winuae, directly out of Turrican, there should be an option for that, and IŽd trust the original replay routines the most (even more from an original Amiga 500, but then you have analogue input...).
Thanks for the info t.r.

I don't need to fix the glitches, the rips from Modland are clean. I would really like to find the missing tracks though, especially level 3-4. Would re-ripping reveal the missing tracks?

I tried using unadf in Linux to extract the contents of the Turrican extended adf file, but received an error, ReadRDSKblock : RDSK id not found . Also I tried the ripper built into WinUAE but it did not find anything.

Can you recommend any tools for ripping the TFMX files or maybe point me in the direction where I can find out how to do this? I am new to ripping, but have a technical background.

Many thanks
Most games use custom file systems so tools like unadf won't help. In addition to that the Turrican extended adfs by F5 are plain broken. But I think (though haven't checked) the adf from http://factor5.de/downloads_turrican_soundtrack.shtml is a standard OFS disk.
I think I used Exoticripper back then. You load Turrican, soft-reset and then start start the Ripper, which searches the memory.

Are the rips from modland also consisting of 2 files? Then you could try to use the sample-file from modland with the tf(m)x-file that has your missing song. I think all subsongs use the same .SAM.

Nice Walktrough:
Thank you both so much for your help - it has been very useful!

I downloaded the turrican soundtrack adf and ran it in FS-UAE / WinUAE, the missing "Base Invader" track is there, it is track "Level 3-2", actually located after "Level 3-3" but before "Level Complete".

I extracted the song files with unadf and they are the same as the Modland files but with different filenames. The "Base Invader" track still does not play with UADE or XMPlay.

There is something wrong with the subsong ordering. There are five subsongs in World 3 according to UADE and XMPlay, but only three are played. In the menu on the turrican soundtrack adf the songs are numbered 0, 1, 3, 4 . 0 is "Level 3-1", 1 is "Level 3-3", 2 does not exist, 3 is "Level 3-2", 4 is "Level Complete". Subsong 3 is the one I need. It seems that UADE and XMPlay skip subsong 3. The textual output from UADE is not very useful. I guess that there is something about the world3 mdat file they don't like. I will try and find a TFMX editor and do some more investigating.

Many thanks.

I spent all day messing around with the TFMX Editor, WinUAE, and FS-UAE. In the end all I had to do was explicitly specify the subsong when using uade with "--subsong=3" and it worked! Why didn't I try that first!?

Thanks for the help and the links. The ripper walkthrough could well be useful to me in the future and I will archive the TFMX tracks from the soundtrack adf.


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