Short MT interview, translated from French

Follow-up to what's happening in the Shoutbox: Elsweyr posted a link to a short Manfred Trenz interview in some French magazine called Joystick; so, for the convenience of most of you non-French speakers (and in response to Slayer's request), I figured I could translate the whole thing. Phew, idiomatic phrases are a pain! Anyways, here goes.

Interview of Manfred Trenz, the father of #Turrican. It was in Joystick #5 (which I still own). The interview is slender but what a joy to have it (I was 14yo back then!). @RevueDePresseJV


(Text on the left)
Manfred Trenz is the author of Turrican (see review in this issue). Does he swagger like his character does? To find out, we interviewed him...

JOYSTICK - Why the name "Turrican"?
MANFRED TRENZ - I made a list with all the names I could find, and I asked at least a thousand people to tell their favorite. Turrican turned out to be the best one which is good because that was my favorite as well.
JOY - On which machine was the game developed first?
MT - First, on C64. The Amiga version is a direct conversion, in terms of gameplay and strategy, but the Amiga's internal resources are fully exploited, naturally.
JOY - There are many games of that type. What made you decide to make another one? What does it have that the others don't?
MT - I think that Turrican is one of the most complex action games there is there are many ways to play it, all of which can bring you to the end goal. It's also one of the fastest games on the Amiga, but it's not some dumb game where all you do is fire at anything that moves. You have to use your brain!
JOY - Was the giant glove part inspired by Yellow Submarine, the Beatles animated film?
MT - Oh yes!! I saw that film just when I started programming Turrican, and it came like a flash, I decided to use it. I call this glove the "Almighty Metal Fist"...
JOY - How much time did it take you to write it, everything included?
MT - Well, 13 months of development, including the idea, graphics, game design, technical issues and of course programming. Not forgetting the development of custom graphic tools.
JOY - What else did you write?
MT - My first game was Katakis (Denaris) on C64, which was a side-scrolling shoot'em up with 12 levels, filled with action and end-level bosses.
JOY - What are your three favorite games?
MT - There aren't so many games that I play on the computer. I prefer consoles and arcade games... I think my three favorites are Silkworm, The Sentinel and Tetris.
JOY - Thank you.
Thank you, that's excellent.


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