Please note the levelbase in the menu to your left. It's the newest effort of some well known Turrican websites and your new place to go for new T2002 levels.

22.03.08Another Virtual Console Turrican
Mega Turrican has been released on the VC, too. Super Turrican 2 is probably coming sonn. The Factor5 website has been updated, now featuring Turrican prominently on the main page.

If you sometimes feel confused while clicking through the different Turrican websites, please have a look at our new little infoportal Turrican.eu.

07.03.08Virtual Console Turrican
Super Turrican was recently released on the Wii's Virtual Console in Europe and the USA. Being the only release in it's week in the USA even gave it some extra publicity.

The first version of Hurrican has been released. Fascinating. http://www.hurrican-game.de

24.05.06Homebrew PSP Turrican
"arguru" is testing his 2D engine with Turrican graphics. He does not mention if this will result in a Turrican game or something completely different -> http://psp3d.com/homebrewhacking/t-psp-turrican-screenshots-8050.html

23.05.06Recent ACSYS interview
Amiga Games that weren't created an ACSYS page including a new interview -> http://agtw.abime.net/game.php?id=12&tab=2

24.12.05Turrican 2005
The new mobile Turrican has been released (this month? I don't know when exactly). You can buy it at Jamba (click on "andere Bezugsmöglichkeiten" to avoid their subscriptions) and Carphone Warehouse.

Darthman developed a little game based on Turrican 2 in less than three weeks in Delphi for a programming contest. It's available including the source code at http://darthman.com/games.html.

20.06.05T Starter 2
The magnificent T Starter 2 has been released.

02.01.05New GGT demo
Martin released a new demo of GGT, featuring Level 1-1 (the old demo featured 1-2) and updated graphics -> http://www.smspower.org/ggt/

03.11.04Katakis and Denaris trademarks
Factor 5 applied for protection of the trademarks Katakis and Denaris in the USA at the 22nd of October 2004.

Source: Gamefront
Proof: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Comment: Gamefront interprets it as a sign of cooperation - I do not.

01.11.04Amiga plus
"The German print magazine AMIGAplus has published a special report on six pages about Turrican in its issue 11/2004 (#152) including a retro article, an interview with Turrican-graphician Frank Matzke and a short interview with Turrican-sounder Chris Hülsbeck plus a cool title picture. Available from falkemedia, more details on www.amigaplus.de."

Hint: Everybody please send the news directly to me, like Amiga plus did.

01.11.04Apocalypse 3000
Ojom released a Handy-game, which looks very much like Mega Turrican. It's called Apocalypse 3000, it's a Java game and it seems to be available for many different Handys.
I personally dislike what Ojom is doing, as they make money using other peoples work.

28.08.04Turrican 3 - Return of Darkness
Smash Design's Turrican 3 is out.
Happy download

26.05.04This belongs in a museum
Turrican Forever's fifth birthday. And it's still looking at least as good as on the first day.

04.05.04Dex' T4f is out
Download it at softgames.de.And download it now - softgames wants to serve the file exclusively, so we should at least crash their servers.

19.04.04T4F (Dex' Turrican)
Get ready for the second completed Turrican clone. Dex' cool looking T4 - Funeral will be released at the beginning of May.

Finally, my site got it's own domain.Thanks to Torsten Giebl for freeing turricanforever.de

14.04.04Smash Design's Turrican 3 coming soon
The intro was already released at the Breakpoint 2004, the full game will follow soon.AEG, member of Smash Design, periodically writes status reports in the forum, watch this for the latest informations.

26.03.04T Starter
I added a little tool for T2002 to the download section to handle the level pack chaos. .net 1.1 is needed to run it.

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