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Questions about Turrican saga

I have a question about Turrican 3 mainly. In the intro there's said that The Machine attacked after many eons enslaving humanity. If all those years have passed than how come Bren is still alive? Or maybe it's his son?

I've played T3 and in intro there's said that The Machine is still alive and all that stuff. I didn't encountered him in the game though(or maybe I had and didn't notice it?)

In T2 intro I don't see any sense attacking UPFF ship by The Machine. Why did he attacked it and wiped out almost all the crew?

I know that T1 story is about some mage that wants to conquer the world. Is Bren in this Turrican a main character too? And how did he get the Turrican suit?
The background story never was of such a big importance in the TurricaN Games so i wouldn't discuss about it so much

But anyway here are some answers to your questions:
-The first part didn't have an intro so the background story is least important here; The story is something about the three-headed MORGUL enslaving peaceful planets and about a hero who stops him (BrenMcGuire isn't mentioned yet)
-The reason why The Machine attacks the UPFF ship in T2 is because he's the bad guy I mean the Freedom Forces try to restore peace in the universe and i think that's not his philosophy
-There isn't really an explenation for the fact that Bren is still alive! I guess the people who came up with the story just wanted to have the old hero and the old bad guy without noticing the mistakes in the plot!
-The Machine appears in T3! Perhaps you've played the easy mode where you only play two worlds but in all other difficulties, he's the last boss at the end of world five! (Even though he doesn't look like in T2)
That's pretty much about it!
If you want it more complicated...try to find a connection to the stories of Super Turrican 1 and 2 for SNES...in Super Turrican 1 there is no Machine...you fight an alien queen...
Aky exactly! I've played an amiga version of T3 and the end stage boss in world five was an alien queen ripped off the Giger Alien style. I was confused when I saw intro in T3 where's said that Machine is rampaging through galaxies enslaving all of humanity and stuff, and all that I done later in the game was beating bugs.

McMonac I thought that there's a more twisted plot behind all this . Now that I know that Machine was bored and finally he saw ship that he could simply wipe out because he haven't got any other things to do it makes me a little dissapointed -_-'
Shame there's no connection in plot between T2 and T3 ;( . Bad guy is reborned and the Hero must kill him. Same old song...
Like I mentioned before at first I tried an easy mode(god damn how I was mad when I found out that I must start again in normal mode :O ), and then skipped to normal and played along. The end stage boss that I encountered was a big Alien head.

Well, for me T3 is not the same great game as two other Turricans. Levels are a bit claustrophobic and there isn't open wide areas like in other two games

Sorry for my english
Woah..ha...ha...You have outed yourself. I know the game you were playing. Thats the problem with software piracy. You played a Beta-Version of Turrican, which stops with the Alien-Head. The full-and-original release has a complete 3-parted-techno-level with "The Machine"-Boss after the alien. Sorry, but in my opinion you missed the best stages of the game. Trust me, I played both.

No problem with your English, I am not really better in that language...
Agh? I don't get it. Game that I was playing was only a beta release version? But it had even an animated outro sequency . Well at least this version had a stunning title music which is simply da best(just like in T2 ).
Can you tell me where can I get a full version of Turrican 3? And by the way: Hurricane and such are a fan-made games? They all have an intro or a plot connected to other Turricans?(Sorry, I'm a maniac of plots in the game )
You can get the full version of Turrican 1, 2 and 3 at Factor5's website ( factor5.com )

The games are perpared as ADF images for use with the Amiga UAE emulator.
Mr Return
Imperial Games
That's really funny...
In the 80s there were lots of Shooter Games - and the (often more than
stupid) stories weren't really important.

The Story was only to "print something onto the game box", I think.

Today - in the time of all that stupid war simulations and army
advertisement games some people think, that the so-called "stories" in
the games are any more "intelligent" or "more important" than in the late
70s to the early 90s. But in fact - the STORY of shooters is not what
shooter games are for.

(If you are looking for good stories - don't search for them in computer
games - especially in shooters...)

And - it's even more funny, how stupid stories are in some cases, where an
intelligent (or even an EXISTING) story would have been important! Such for
example in today's movies - that are mostly better computer graphic demos
without a story and with maximum lame characters - and so on...

So called "interactive cinema" would lead to movies being only better
"computer games". I think that this will erase the last remaining rest of
existing "story" out of movies. (But this is only my personal humble

Imperial Games
Oh - I've just realized this thread is 2 years old.
And it was only "refreshed" by an unknown Mr Return without anything to say.
Didn't want to continue that 2-years-old discussion.
(And I definitely wasn't that speechless Mr Return.)


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