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the good the bad & the ugly?

U see for me Turrican is special,

My brother had an Atari 800xl, then I left home & was computerless for a long while, I knew my brother had got himself an ST so hoping for help if needed I bought an ST. I switched the ST on but it was broken! , why wouldn't it switch on with the "ready" prompt?

Cos ST's were using a GUI & lol I didn't know this, anyhow I put a floppy disk in called Turrican, stayed up all night & played solidly for a couple of days to complete it:).

Now, I then got to play Turrican 2, it had it's good points & it's bad points, I think on balance both Turricans offered somthing equall to each other.

Then I played Turrican on an Amiga & enjoyed it, but u know I'm sure the graphics were better on the ST, on the ST I feel that the graphics were a little crisper/sharper.

Now perhaps the Amiga had a crappy monitor, anyone care to comment?

Now to the title of the post, are some Turricans great wheras others are just good?

Do we have/shall we have a chart of which Turricans we like best?
There is a "Turrican3" for the Amiga, and Superturrican1/2 for SNES...
You can play also a good clone for Windows called T2002, get it at http://www.pekaro.de !

-Amiga vs. ST, the endless battle...;)
The versions for Amiga were the first ones, so the ST-versions are just portations. The grafics are nearly equal, in my opinion the Amiga-version looks nicer. (You can see more on the screen, compare it!)
I think you only have the wrong screen for your Amiga...
And if you compare the graphics plaese do it also with the musics! The Amiga version has realy a much better music...
But I understand you, on the ST it was your first Turrican...:)
Mr Return
music best on st, no competition
@Mr Return:
Amiga soundtracks use custom samples - a big improvement compared to the ST sound (not even the much newer Genesis could beat the Amiga in terms of sound, just compare Turrican 3 and Mega Turrican).
The ST was big in the music business, but the reason was not a good sound chip, but the integrated MIDI port.

In future posts, please use arguments instead of wrong facts. I can't bear system wars on this level.
Robert's right. As always.
No computer's sound quality was good enough to satisfy the expectations of a studio in the 80s. Not even the AMIGA. ATARI were quite clever to integrate the MIDI port, which allowed to control the synths and samplers in a studio.
However, nowadays it is chic to use lofi sound from the old machines. There are bitcrushers to reduce the quality of sound and there are even sequencer plugins which emulate the C64 SID or the YM2149 of the ST.
Mr Return
Ya, but I like blip blop chip music

that is all.
I like it as well. HVSC, ASMA and the other collections are a great inspiration. As far as turrican is concerned I like the AMIGA, SN and C64 versions most.


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