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Turrican 1&2 level editors for c64?

Hello Everybody!

I hava a question: where can I download
original Turrican c64 1&2 level editors??
Are they published?


There are no editors for Turrican 1/2 C64.
No editors for c64? So they had editors on Amiga/PC??


How often does a software-company give away their own editor?
Today quite often, but in the good old days, that was rar.
I heard about a Turrican Level -Edīs for C64 not long ago, the original ones by Manfred Trenz. But I have not yet seen them. But there are people who have them.
Imperial Games
The original Level-/Block-/Sprite Editors by Manfred Trenz.
But they are full of hotkeys (Trenz is a coder - not a user!)

Unfortunately there is no documentation for these pieces on this
disk (a D64-File). Only the blank editors!
(So you will have to find out the keys by yourself. - The "block"
cursor is controlled by joystick in port 2, afaicr.)

I'm not really sure where I downloaded them. I've tried them out
('cause I wanted to see how the master hinself worked on Turrican).
But I actually don't use them (I don't ever make levels for others'
engines. I'd prefer making engines for others' levels...)

The editors are freeware. If you want, I can upload them to any
site/server you want (if the site doesn't need any JAVA/JAVASCRIPT to
upload files).
It's only one C64 disk side. (As I said: a *.D64-File)
Or I could place them onto my own site (under C64/Tools).
But normally my site is only for publishing my own software (that's
why it is such boring. It's the most boring site I've ever seen in
the net. (The DENIC site is less boring than mine!). If you really
want to know HOW BORING Internet can be, visit my site. If
you like interesing, hip and trendy sites, then avoid my site like
the pestilence.)

Tip: Smash Designs had just finished Turrican 3 for C64 !!!
(Release date: August, 28th), I'm quiet sure they used an editor.
Probably a better documented one than Trenz'. And possibly these
editors work for Turrican 1+2, too.
AEG from Smash Designs is around in this forum. So, asking him won't
cost anything.

But if you really want the "Original Trenz Editors" - so I can
upload them wherever you want.

Sorry for the long text. I don't like the concept to give
Information bit for bit (and for any new bit waiting for a
new question). Especially in a forum or by eMail - it would take
too long to solve anyone's "problem" this way (given the normal
mail or message "rate" of one message by one day.)

Really freeware? Then I'd put them online, if you send them to robert@turricanforever.de
Send original Turrican c64 editors to marekkedzierski@interia.pl, please:)

BTW: Many years ago I read an interview with
Mr Trenz in some disk magazine. In his interview
Manfred said about his own assembler. His assembler could assembled big file in about second or something like this? Is there anyone who owns this utility??

Thanx and greets;)
Imperial Games
I've uploaded Bronko the editors.
He has said, he will put them onto his site for download.
So visit Bronko's Turrican site.

There's a very fast and cool assembler anywhere around -
don't remember it's name. It uses the RAM "under" $D000-$DFFF -
(so under the chips... VIC, SID, CIA1+2, COLOR-RAM, ya'know...)
and can be placed into two other locations instead, if one
wants it. And I think, it uses graphic mode, so you can have
more than 40 chars/line and so on... - I think it was really
fast, too.
And if I remember well, it was written (and used) by the famous

Hm. Well - an assembler by Trenz... I think I must visit that
"special" C64 soft servers again... I cannot give any addresses
here, 'cause some (erm...) - OK - MANY of the files there are...
that OTHER kind of freeware.
But they've got many freeware there, too.

Oh. I've got a CD, including ALL(!) Disks that EVER came with
the (german) "64'er" Magazine!
("Sonderheft" AND others.) It's LEGAL - I had an abo!
So - if Trenz' assembler was on ANY "64'er" Disk - then
I've got it DEFINITELY!
Knowing the NAME of this assembler would probably make the
search way easier...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Btw: In my OWN WHOLE C64-Time I never used any assemblers by
onyone else, but only my own stuff. (The first ones in BASIC,
and with that BASIC pieces I wrote one with assembler subroutines.
It assembled pretty fast, but wasn't kinda user friendy and sucked
very hard. (Furthermore, I think there was a bug in it that I
never fixed, 'cause I cound "workaround" it, it worked OK, and
I was too lazy.) Well - but THIS piece of *** I would NEVER
release to the public...

I will do so, when I've time for that...
Now I write some Mails.


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