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Cipherians Sistems beta [Info]

Rekli Nese
Its been a long dead, I left this project down for a while, but its just getting started. Im really sorry, as there has been a nearly problem with the platform engine and soon, im about to get married, so things get very busy . All I can say now, is that the game condition is good, but not seriously problem. All sheets and level design are almost completed, but to be honestly, its very buggy right now. The main title, intro and sequences are almost completed. Music soundtrack is already completed, and who ever wants the OST collection shall be asked me

Under the conversation with Erhynn and with some others, I been giving some specific details about the game. Beware, it including(SPOILERS) here!

First off, here is the long lost short comic strip of Cipherians Sistems, which can be found here:

Like Turrican traditonally, there will be a flight level in level 4, before you meet the great last boss! Here some early shot, http://img118.exs.cx/img118/9683/level42ht.jpg

This is the index menu, but still in progress: http://img118.exs.cx/img118/9914/indexmenu2ku.png

As far as I can say something about the last boss, I already told this to Erhynn. The boss itself will be the biggest element boss ever made, and will be named Zork, maybe..

Yes, my old site is dead, because I didnt update it recently. However, this will be fixed very soon! because the game is not dead and it will be finished whenever the time tells.

Right now, Im willing to release a beta soon, so I need some valid beta testers. Anyone intressed? dont miss this chance!

We set this a final conclusion! Robert and myself are friends again! Respect it please. Turrican!
Erhynn Megid
You have something to explain me... please, look at Seta's chat. Thanks... a nice work for the comic.
Rekli Nese
Erhynn@ Dont mention it, that site is dead.

Expect a new Banq-It site.
Rekli Nese: I want be betatester Cipherians Sistems
Rekli Nese
Solaris104@ Great!
There are just a major fixes before I release it, so Ill keep in mind on you

I really concern to have beta tester such as TRS, that someone actually can write full information about the game, on his page.

Anyone intressed to try out the beta?
Rekli Nese
Ok, is there a place to upload my beta?
However, this is just like a tech demo, a similar UIQ demos, which is limited.

There will be no music in the beta, but you can get the Turrican mp3 if you like it.

To Robert@ would you mind if you could put two mp3 music from Cipherians Sistems on Soundbase?
Just send things to be uploaded to me, no problem.
Where can I download betaversion of tech demo Cipherians Sistems?
Rekli Nese
Solaris104@ Very soon. Its Christmas, so alot stuff is going on here, as it makes me busy.
Rekli Nese
Allright, forget about the beta. Ill try to release a demo instead, with music and all over again, but might take some time, and maybe not in this year, or perheaps end of this year? who knows? This might be a great news, so thumbs up!

Just dont come to me with some complains, because the game has a very buggy platform engine, and it cannot be fixed by time, so live with it.

Just give me your short review of your impression etc. I really like to hear peoples humble opinions becuase im been working on this game very very long,...show rezpeact!!

"Still waiting for the great release"

Merry christmas to all!
Erhynn Megid
Hi everyone.

Good luck for yar game Rekli, I'll re-post screens and stuff about Cypherian System on my site.

Turri Christmas for all.
Rekli Nese
Erhynn@ For chirst sake!

Its Cipherians Sistems, not Cypherian System..Duh..but thats because only your french accent I guess...;)


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