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Cipherians Sistems faq

Rekli Nese
Im not going to say this twice, but im promised that I will release a demo of this long awaited Turrican game, ever since I joined this Turrican clan

Well, as usually, I told you before that the game has seriously problem with the engine.

Erhynn, just in case you want some faq, this is important.

The bad news: The old platform engine has been removed, so im coding all over again, but it wont take much time.

Good news: Well, thanks to joshua, I been coding a new pixel perfect engine to the game. I always wanted this custom engine movement, because its 100% bugfree, routine engine at the game;) Game moves flawless, its really awesome. 3 days hard working and i was able to update the graphics, with new great stuff. Demo is soon finished, just when I get my internet back soon, this wil be the greatest remake ever! Count on me
Rekli Nese
Something new I added to the game too, some faqs just in case you want it!

- (NEW) pixel perfect engine
- (NEW) Enemies
- (NEW) Updated Graphics
- Quality game
- (NEW) conversation between scenes
- (NEW) runs the game with systemdisk

Here is your last chance! I can offer you a credit in the game, if only you can make some voice samples such as (SpreadShot!) etc for powerups. It has to be good, and I only want 4 wav samples from you. Thats all, 4 sampled voice and youre in the game. Girl or boys, dosent matter, only whoever comes first.

So, pick up your microphone and start talk Ill be waiting.
Rekli Nese
Ill forgot to tell you this, while youre wanna be a voice actor for the game, you will have to say these words:

1. MachineGun
2. SpreadShot
3. Laser
4. Flamethrower

When youre done, send them to my mail account to esenmix@hotmail.com and ill pick your stuff there, and ill checks everybodys voices, in which will fit better to the game. I would love if it was a girl, but my sister is very busy, so I need someone to help me

Thanks and good luck!

I don´t know much about your game, but I created a cover, just for fun, I hope you like it: http://xs13.xs.to/pics/05041/cypherians.jpg

cya, Michael
Rekli Nese
Michael@ Hey, nice work on the cover

Cipherians Sistems (or so called aca.sys or agc before) is a very old Turrican project but it still lives up and when i get my internet back, i will post new screenshots here.

However, you can check Erhynns old Turrican page, my game is listed on there so check for yourself. My banq-it site is dead, so everything got a dead end, expect the game still been developed of course.

Btw, are you intressed of the job Ill give? you can work for me, but thats only limited so make it fast while you got some time.

Rekli Nese
Im back dudes, and times up, cause I found a perfect voice actor for my game, one of my close friend named Sofia Rönn is going to make the voice samples. interesting, cant wait to hear her

New screenshots



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