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A favor

Rekli Nese
Im here to ask a question to TRS. Could you do me a favor, that is only if it is possible? I remember that you added my game AGC (Yeah I know, its crapped away) in your clones section before but that was very long time ago. Now I ask you that favor again, could you add my game back on your list? Only this time, its Cipherians Sistems. I would be pleased if you can do that for me

And Robert, you dont need to mind this but you can also put my game on your games section if you want something on your page. It would be something for you aswell

And last but least, I updated my page. TRS, if you dont mind, I added your link on my page.

Thats all, bye!
As always: Iīll inlude it directly after the official release of anything playable. No matter how small.

But only if itīs freely available for everyone.

Rekli Nese
Of course it is playable for everyone, cause im about to release a demo soon, maybe in march!

Wait and see, or check my page for info.
Rekli Nese
Trs@ I want to ask you another question. Im sorry if I did occur you some problem with you in the past TRS. I been discussing you before this, cause I try to help you now, just like i found Thomas Engel, and Nils, Sven meiers pictures.

Robert did forgive me, so why cant you do the same? Let it be now, that was only the past. Can you please accept me again and unban me, please?
Imperial Games
@Rekli Nese: I'm sure what TRS meant by "freely available for everyone" is:
"It won't cost some money at all".
The most computer freaks are non-commercial and don't want to make advertising/support
for any commercial products on their sites. (Cause there's enough commerce in
the world even without support by private fan sites.)

@TRS: Am I right?

Mr Return
@Imperial Games
Im not sure about the full version of Cipherians Sistems being cost or be a freewere game, therefore its early to discuss about that, the decision is not decided yet.

As for the demo, it will cost nonthing, its completly free to use, as long as you follow the runtime rules.

What i meant to say to TRS, was the concern of the demo to put his list, not the full version, thus it is by far unfinished, to early to speak with that.

Am i right, TRS?
Yep, you both are.

@imperial: Iīd also report about any serious commercial game related to Turrican, but in this special case I insist on a freely available demo first as a proof that it may be released somewhen.

But I donīt do advertising or banners for non-turrican games


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