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Factor 5 news!

Rekli Nese
Recenently, Factor 5 announced some very important news. I got the source, so here is what!

Factor 5 (the succesfull creators of their two exclusive Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for gamecube) says that they officially break up with Nintendo, and now work exclusive for Microsoft and X-Box2 for the future games! From what we been heard so far from Factor 5 is that they were some Gamecube titles that were under development, like a sequel to pilotwings for gamecube. Eventhough that Thornado has been under developet for Gamecube, nobody knows what ever happend to this project. Whatever happens is mostly likely unknown...

What Factor 5 has up on their minds for X-box 2 is still unclear, but beware, rumors says that thornado can be the new official Turrican game for x-box 2. Hold your finger crossed, this can be very true and I believe this rumors!


Turrican forever!
Extremely old news (I said this once in the ShoutBox and in reaction to it Megid became mad at me) and still F5 itself announced nothing.
Yep, I also could not find much more then rumours what platform they want to use now.

But thanks for the tip, so I found out about the spiegel-interview by random

Hey, I didn't know that. Nothing about Xenon in there, but he has seen EyeToy2
F5 is doing middleware for Xenon, that's official, they are in the lists Microsoft published during their XNA campaign. F5 themself said, they won't do any more games for the Cube.
That makes Xenon-games by F5 likely.
CNet quotes Egge that they chose to develop exclusively for PS3 based on its outstanding performance. I kept thinking that Factor 5 was a Nintendo shop, but probably they really just chose the most powerful system of each generation...
I just hope they'll finally release something Turrican-ish this time, and not just a dumpload of StarWars games...
Man, I just hope they do bring Turrican!
Hear hear!

I wish they could get rid of the whole "Thornado" name, but I understand that "Turrican" has become a mess of legal issues all over the world.

Anyways, Factor 5 constantly hints to the PS3, but you watch I bet that once Turrican games start appearing on the Xbox LIVE service, and realize how the PS3 will soon be a lost cause for doing so poor in sales, they will make it a multiplatform title.

we've been through this before... what's a new turrican game without MASTER manfred trenz worth? probably not much...

in the meantime we have t2k2+mods (i really LOVE morgul returns!) and hurrican. these are products that honour manfred's legacy of turri.

some of the f5 crew may have also been there in past (golden era of 8/16-bit gaming) but now most of them are managers (that is, parasites) (huelsbeck excluded). so, don't get all that excited about a new turri. we have hurrican, who needs thornado???

Still, this is for the online community seeing the same graphics back from the early 90's, and fan made inspirations of Turrican (Hurrican), which, while do look nice, it still would be great to see what Turrican could become today.

I mean look at Contra 4, did they have the original Konami team (who later became Treasure) make it? NO! It was from a mediocre team who makes just a bunch of licensed games, WayForward. But the only difference is they analyzed past Contra games well and were able to bring it back with its existing formula.

I also believe this can be done with Turrican. People can create rearrangements of Huelsbecks work for nostalgia, and I can just as easily imagine more big levels to get lost in with familiar settings like the first few levels is Turrican 1, and that ship stage in Turrican II, as well as some returning bosses and plenty of new ones.

And also in a interview of "The Making of Turrican" article I read (featuring Manfred Trenz), he believed a new Turrican game sticking to the roots and on something more settle like the DS could work.

I second that voice!
WayForward also makes original games occasionally (eg. Shantae, Sigma Star Saga). But yes, I was pleasently surprised that Contra 4 looks so much like the earlier games.
Yes, and I believe the same can be done for Turrican if people really cared to make it happen (getting past the legal mess the game has gotten into, I just hope someday the owners come forth to agree on something and allow a new Turrican to be legit).


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