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Cipherians Sistems is awesome...

Rekli Nese
Just one word: Wow!
Over almost 2 years of work, I never expected to do something awesome game like this. I never noticed while developing, pixeling, programming how awesome it has been be. All I can say it now, at least, at this point, at this moment, this is my first official game thats really gets an attention for the audiences, for the fans Not only that, but this is my best effort in term of graphics work, and a game to keep yourself to be an proud human being for developing a awesome game (well, at least you have to do that on your life sometime).

Folks, there is something I never relized this, until this game is about to be finished! Even myself, yes, myself never relized how damn good this game is! Am I that good? How did I success to have such a abilites? Never know, but If Rekli can, Then he will!

I swear god, holding my only piece of bread, a fish and something to drink, like a red vine, and sitting down for begging to my mighty lord that gives me good wishes, in order to compete with all of you. Now, I all know beg for you all my Turrican Fans. Hear me, this is a reminder list for all
Crap Ac.sys, dont mind the inspiration, forget the unique gameplay that was in on it. Simple, just forget what acsys was!

Cipherians Sistems is by far superior, and if you think its just an rip off from acsys, or gfx ripped...No No No No and NO! Never think so, look for yourself, look closely and youre gonna notice that every single pixel is newly drawned.

Eventhough, acsys is a very outdated game, since 1996, allow me present Cipherians Sistems, an futuristic turrican remake game by banq-it since 2003!

Sure, the inspiration may be same, but unqiue is really stupid enough to relized now how much this game rocks and acsys sucks.

This game is nothing like an ac.sys, this is just like another turrican wannabe game! The system is complete new and unique
and I promise, youre either love it or hate it, but you sure gonna love it! :-D

The pixeling graphics is the one that really shines on the game. Also the gameplay is very funny, its so much better than Ac.sys, this game has everything.

Acsys was so damn boring, you can only hold up 2 guns, climb and nonthing else. Well, check this shit!

Cipherians sistems allows you to have 3 unique gauge levles of powers, that allows you to perfrom xor light for dark levels, you can morph into a ball, just like metroid and finally, whenever the gauge is max full, you can performing and huge stunning smart bomb that kills everyone on the screen. The gauge will fill up again by itself slowly so you can perform it again.

Do this game have an climbing? of course, fuck acsys, sipherians sistems can also climb in the walls. Yeah, fuck acsys even more, he can circle his weapon on all 32 directions, instead of that crappy bullshit excuse of acsys with his 8 direction.

This game is so much great to look at it, and so much fun to play with it, its by far much better than acsys. This game featuring animated cut-scenes, music, dynamic effects when you kill enemies. Do acsys have those featuring, no i dont think so.

And hey, this game featuring so much other good stuff, its fantastic, just go too my banq-it site and look around.

Finally, after 2 years hard work, a bit stupid time delays and time problems, its gonna be finished very soon. Im a very old member here since 2001-05, everybody knows about my announcing of turrican game, everybody heard about this game.

Folks, time is almost there. Its going to be big party, it will finally get released.

Just wait for the demo, and judge it by yourself :-D

Thanks for litsening me, bye!
If Acsys is so bad, why are you trying to do a game, which looks exactly like Acsys? And why oh why do you create such embarrassing topics? A man's praise in his own mouth stinks. If you continue like this, everybody will find your game disgusting even before the demo is out.
Rekli Nese
Just exciting ya know


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