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Transformers PS2. A turrican like game?

Rekli Nese
Everybody knows what Transformers is, right? Those autobots fights against the evil decepticons and bla bla. I may not be a huge fan of it, but I watched alot of cartoons back those old days, got a few toys and stuff. Recently, I have brought some new games to my PS2, and eventhought Transformers is a very old franchise, I decided to pick this game and try it out.

If some of the rumors says that Turrican 3D was like mario 64 twist with action, platform jump,run, perspective, Transformers might have same feelings, not sure why but the game shares some major experince from turrican 1 and turrican 2. I tell you why.

First of all, the music. Yes, some of the music in the game are very Turrican like, quiet like its very similar to the Chris Huelsbeck Turrican original soundtrack. Especially the Amazon level (First level on the game) and if you ever wanted imagine a turrican ice stage, just litsen to this games second level. Much like a Turrican era, bluesky, low turrican like streams in the background music, pyschic freedom feeling and something that caught me up, the game is so huge you can almost explore it, just like Turrican. This game also have a no-linear, mostly like because of the powerups you can use it later.

I doubt its not a Turrican 3D game, but some sources are resambled that the game play much like turrican in some ways. Meanly because of the autobots acting, and of course gameplay is some ways. Playing the game feels and reminds me Turrican, rather than just Trasformers. I dunno why, is it because it has more Turrican nostalige feelings, or is it the music that makes the game turrican like? Just pretend this game to be a Turrican 3D and you know what Im talking about.

In other note, I found out this game to be enjoyable and its one of the best game ever made. The graphics are amazing, one of it best and the gameplay is extremly fun. The bosses are some of the best experience I ever had! This game has all!

Even if you are not a Transformers fans (like me), you can still rent the game. I suggest you try out this game as soon as possible. If you already tested this game, I want your impression in this board.


Rekli Nese
Has anybody tried this game yet?
There is a demo you can download for PS2 from the creators website.
mr me
A number of themes in Turrican were taken directly from the 1986 Transformers movie
I was finished Transformers Armada back then 100% High class gaming experience the best Transformers game since The War / Fall Of Cybertron games


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