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Apocalypse 3000

Rekli Nese
Remember that cruel game called "Apocalypse 3000", an Mega-Turrican clone game for java handys?

Well, I converted the .Jar file to .exe, using an applocation called Midp2Exe, which allows you to run the java game on windows prompt basic. To run the game, you will also need an batch file. After testing the game, here is my impression. It might be useful, incase you want some info.

We are getting an nice introduction, represented by OJOM logo and KIL-00 logo. However, no THQ logo has been seen. Fades into the games story line, with nice junkyard background. There is only one music tune on this game, durning the main menu scene. It is well composed, very turrican like.

At the main menu, you are allowed to choose:
-Spiel laden-

The game is german texted. Not sure if there is an english version.

As pressing start, we are informed with every mission brief. You will need to press up when you are ready for the action. The game is loading with an nice effect. Most of the GFX is ripped from Mega-Turrican, but OJOM did a nice job by polishing the game with better colors. Still, it is ripped and there is nonthing more I can a say.

What about the gameplay? Sadly, it is the worst part for Apocalypse 3000. You will not expect any turrican experience since the game totally lacks. No grappling, no powerline, no ball, no other featuring as mega-turrican. There is almost no power-ups, until you reach to the level-3 and if you die, you lose your upgrades. Even worse, you only have one choice of weapon. This game is so stupid you will have to start the level from the beginning everytime you die. Eventhough the game is a bit hard, there is no item that can re-fill your life-gauge. Because of this, 1-up is unnecessary since you will have to run the whole level again if you die and kill the rest of the enemies. There are lots of diamonds to collect, and not one single power-up beside that?
Apocalypse 3000 is terrible, there is no music or sound in-game. I didnt even bother to play the game after level-3, because the levels are simple boring.

- Nice graphics updates
- Very good "main title" music tune
- Choices of featurings

- Ripped GFX
- Lame and stupid Gameplay
- Levels are boring
- No power-ups until level 3
- One weapon only
- No other featuring like Mega-Turrican
- No sound and no music in-game

Thats my little review of Apocalypse 3000 and I just wasted my time with this horrible game.


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