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Can anyone help me with T2002?


I used to absolutely love the Turrican games on the amigar, and vowed as soon as I got rid of my old laptop with it's horrible screen I'd try my best to play the old games again.

the hole emulation thing ---- and Amigar emulation in particular just looks hiddiously complicated to me, so I thought I'd start with T2002.
I've downloaded the game and it's great! ---- though I miss my joystick.

I'd really like to try some of the levels people have created, not to mention be able to save the game with out collecting 500 diamonds. I've tried downloading the level editer from Pekaro software, but unfortunately the installation seems to be in German ---- a language I don't kknow at all.
I got the editer itself working by guessing what buttons to click, but when I tried to download and play a level I was given an invalid path message and told to install the editer somewhere else.
Am I making a mistake through my guesswork of the German instalation? where does the editer need to go so that I can use it to play levels?

sorry about acting like a complete newby, it's just that I am a complete newby when it comes to running games on Pc's.

sorry if this is a stupid question.

The T2002€-Patch uses a horrible slow search-engine to find the right path...
Just validate the question about the path, after you waited 5 to 10 minutes.
Click on "next" after that, and then the walkerbutton.

If you did it like that, your problem comes not from the emulator.

Some Levelpacks does not contain the needed level.ini.
Just download mine ...
If there are no folders (Just files) in the archiv, put everything into the "lvl" folder.
Else just overwrite the folders with those in your archive.
Then start "T2002E.exe"

Or use Roberts usefull T-Starter, download it at http://turricanforever.de.
(This tool solves also the level.ini problem)

I didn't know I had to install the T2002 1-1 patch, I've just installed the main game, maybe that's the problem?
I'll have a look at the starter, I'm not sure what this Inibusiness is about, as the level i downloaded waw the bonus one from Pekaro's website I assume It had all the appropriate.

i've only got the basic T2002 1.0 installed at the moment (I remboved the editer incase I'd done something wrong in the installation).

I'll have a look at the starter though.

Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry about being a complete newby.
When we are look out in the Universe, we are all Newbies...
True, but when we look at things close up, I'm distinctly nubier than thou -d. the big question is, which point matters?

As i'm arguing in the essay I'm writing at the moment, it's what we're doing now that's important.

turrican and philosophy! two of my favourite things combined! I like this board!


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