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T4 funeral is great!

Well people have probably read the topic about all the trouble I've been having with the t2002 editer. I've decided to hold off on that at the moment, after all, the game is large enough to keep me going for a good long while!

But as it didn't involve dealing with complex software, I have just downloaded t4 Funeral. Much congratulations to Dex, and anyone else involved with this project, it's a great game.

I felt rather depressed at the launch of the Playstation, that all the powerfull new capabilities were being put almost exclusively into 3D games. things have ened out a bit now with the rlese of the Gba, but I feel there's stil a bit of a bias towards 3D games.

I can't wait for the Gba port of t2002, (though I fear what the sound processing capabilities of the Gba will do to the music), and basically the end of this wrant is that T4 Funeral is just the way I imagined Turrican if you added all the modern conveniences in graphics and sound we know now.

It's a great game! And it stil very much preserves the Turrican feel. This is just to say thanks to everyone involved.
Da Spadger
Agreed, i can't say i liked the ending though.


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