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Turrican for the GBA???

Hello again, I downloaded T2002 recently, I hear it is alot like Turrican 2. I think it is pretty sweet that they are working on a GBA version. Anyone know for sure that this is indeed true? Any info about it? I saw the screens, I hope it is like the old Turricans where it has huge levels instead of the games like Mega Turrican (Turrican 3), or Super Turrican 1 or 2. Either way I would still love it no matter what. I love the Turrican series, it rivals Contra, as well as other games (such as Super Mario Bros. and even Metroid) in many aspects. A GBA Turrican would rock!
Sure, they are working on the GBA version.
(I once made a level for it, but now they decided to take over the old levels of the PC-Version.)

And if you start playing the PC-Version, you will experience really HUGE levels!

The best thing about T2002 for me is it's level editor. (Within the T2002E update)
Get some custom levels here: http://www.nemmelheim.de/turrican/t2002/

Don't forget to download my latest lavel: Underearth03, you won't regret it.
Cool, I tried downloading T2002E but it was in German and I only speak English =(

Do you know any release dates for the GBA version? Will it be released in the US? Any info on what the game is like, is it a Turrican port or is it like Super Turrican where it is a brand new game on it's own? Also, if you could help me with the T2002E that would be highly appreciated. Oh, and one more thing, on T2002, how do you save? That game is too long for me to beat it in one sitting I'm afraid. Thx for the Reply, also if you can help me on deciding whether to get Turrican (Turrican 1 for Amiga I think)or Mega Turrican (Turrican 3 for Amiga), that would be super cool, for I made a topic for that on this site, and Gamefaqs.com (if you have heard of that site), but no one really posts on the Turrican boards on that site which is sad =(. I am alittle new to Turrican (I only own and beaten Super Turrican), but it is far and away one of the best game series of all time! Thx again.
So I just bought both of the Turricans for the Genesis today, I look forward to playing them! Sadly, that will probably be my last Turrican purchase (until a newer Turrican comes out). I still don't have intentions to buy Super Turrican 2, not now anyways...
The release date is: When it's done.
US Verison? I don't think, it will be commercial at all, so if you want to play it on your real GBA, you will most likely need a flash cartrige...

The Setup should be easy, also for non German speaking people. Just click OK, next, or one time the walker.

To play levels, download the latest release of Roberts fantastic T-Starter here: http://turricanforever.de/
Extract the files into your T2002-folder, and download the levels of your choice with that programm...

In T2002 you can't save, but if you collect enough diamonds, you'll get a continue, which works also the next time, when you start T2002 again. Read more about this in the readme, I know not too much about this.

The gameplay: The first level includes an nearly exact copy of TurricanII's first level, but after that, only new things will come.
You have all abilities from TurricanII (exept of the ultimate overkill thing), and also the smart bomb from TurricanI.
??? What do you mean I will nead a Flash Cartridge? Are they legal? And so your saying they WON'T have a US Release? If so then I'm gonna cry. Why call it Turrican for the GBA if it won't even be released on the GBA??? It will also give Turrican fans everywhere a spark that Turrican is back for more! I would want a portable Turrican more than anything right about now...

I've never played the actual Turrican II, but I have played Turrican I (on the Genesis). So (correct me if I'm wrong) Turricans abilities in the GBA version are: Line (the two waves that go on both directions from you, similiar to a bomb), laser beam (that goes in all directions, similiar to the beam in Super Turrican except it doesn't freeze enemies), Rolling w/ mines. What about that grenade thing from Turrican 1? Also, will the grapple hook from Turrican 3 be there? I personally hope not, I didn't really like it. I don't know what you mean by the "overkill thing" from Turrican II unfortunantly.

The first level will be similair to Turrican II's first level, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that also similiar to T2002's first level? I saw pics of Turrican II and they looked alot alike. I also some Turrican I environments on the GBA Turrican. I don't think it gets any better than a combo of Turrican I and II. Turrican 3 and all those others were too linear like Contra (yet I will admit Super Turrican had some of the most badass backgrounds and music).

So you can't save in T2002? I assumed you could because there was a continue option. A save feature would have been nice, considering how long that game is. Oh well, I will look into the T2002E sometime.
Imperial Games
Well... I think that in a SHOOTER it's language isn't THAT important.

Be glad about there are ANY english versions of Turrican at all! The
inventor of Turrican is a German - and ALL the Turrican versions, that
are not made by him, are (as far as I know) made by Germans, too.
Well - possibly we Germans know, how unpopular German (in opposite to
English) is over the world. And that's why we write computer games (and
particularly shooters) in English -
Maybe some of them like English better (especially for computer games),
cause thinking it "sounds cooler". - And maybe they're right...

To GBA turrican (and similiar projects) :
These Turrican projects are FREEWARE projects by private people done in
their sparetime. So there won't ever be an "official" or "commercial"
release of this game, I think. And - for private people it would be way
too expensive to bring the game data onto GBA CARTRIDGE ROMs.
(And, no - The possession of flash ROM isn't illegal. And the copying of
freeware games isn't illegal either.)

The original Turrican II (created by the Turrican inventor Manfred Trenz)
included the following weapons:
(T1/T2 = Turrican / Turrican II, gems = the bonus gems)
(I'd prefer writing it into a table..., but in a forum, you know...)

- spread shot, improvable [red gems] (like T1)
- laser, total of 5 sizes improvable [green gems] (replacement for the T1 laser)
- bounce shot, improvable [purple gems] (new weapon - deflecting on the walls)
- smart bomb [yellow gems] (like T1)
- smart line ["L" gems] (like T1)
- around shoot [improved by blue gems] (replacement for the T1 flash *, similiar function)
- timer ground bombs ** [infinite] (replacement for the T1 bombs, but now if you are a wheel, not crouching)
- overkill [one time per life] (new weapon - player turns into wheel, whizzing (invulnerable) all over the screen for 3 seconds and fires every kind of weapon there is)

* = or call it "laser beam"
** = or call it "mines"

The T1 grenades were removed in T2 (without any replacement).
The "turn into wheel" option was changed - you can turn infinite times into
the wheel now (in T2). (In opposite to T1, where you had only 3 times per life.)
And, the around shoot (flash "laser beam" replacement) doesn't freeze enemies
(like in Super Turrican), but kills them (like T1).
The T3 grapple hook was invented in T3 and is therefore not available in T2.
(And you're not the only one who doesn't like this item.)

So, hope I didn't forget something.

Sorry for my bad English (it's not my native language). And sorry for my
"parenthesis desease".
Heheh thanks for filling me in there. Yes I am grateful we have Turrican in English, let alone on common American consoles (the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo). If it weren't for that, I would still be stuck with T32K an wishing I grew up with an Amiga and the Turrican games (but don't take me wrong, I still really wish I could have that experiance). Yet I was one of the American console kids, my era was pratcically NES, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo before all the later era consoles came around. I now have a pretty clear idea of what the GBA Turrican will be like (as far as weapons go), thx again for the reply.

I really don't even know what an Amiga is, I just know it had a joystick, and it hooked up to computers. I really wish Turrican could have more fame in the U.S, it is such a great game!!! Maybe it was just overlooked, alot of people here think Contra is the badass 2D shooter, and I did too, until I played Turrican. Sure Turrican copied quite a few games, but it's huge environments, bosses, weapons, and even the cool looking Turrican assault suit with awsome features all make up for it, and one of the best things about Turrican- The Music. I am not kidding this has got to be some of the greatest Video Game music on the face of the Earth! I hear Turrican II takes the cake in the series with the music, but I never got to play that game. But as far as Console Turricans go, Super Turrican and Mega Turrican all the way!!!

Man that really bums me out about the GBA Turrican though, I really don't mean to complain. Infact I was really shocked to see all these fan made freeware Turricans on the net. Really brings joy to my heart, and it may even interest me to do the same someday, I have taken a DigiPen class before (Digipen is a video game company that basically teaches you how to make video games, from coding, all the way to sounds, music, and gameplay). But I still hardly know what it is like making a game, (especially a shooter like Turrican. But I have made a top down shooter where you are a ship shooting enemies, cool stuff. Well thx again for the reply, glad I have people to talk to when it comes to Turrican
Imperial Games
An Amiga is a "home computer".
Its from Commodore (like the C64, or Commodore 64).
The Amiga is is faster and has more colors than C64. (There were some
versions of the Amiga: A500, A500+, A1000, A2000, A3000, A4000,
A600, A1200 and not sure if I forgot one...)
They differ in number of colors, CPU speed and memory.

Amiga was a "compact" home computer, what means: everything was built in
into one case: The keyboard, the floppy disk drive and the "computer" itself.
It was connected onto the TV (like C64 or consoles). But it had a keyboard,
so you could use it for other purposes (then playing) - like coding or
"user's" stuff (text, painting, etc...) It's OS (the "system") had a GUI.
It also had a mouse - and, yes, a joystick could be connected. (And hard
disk drive, too. And later a CDROM drive.)
Was a really fine machine.

Note: Like for consoles, there are emulators out there for the Amiga, too.
(And for C64. And Atari. And... etc.) So try using them to get into the
Amiga feeling.
For the right emulators (which one is good and so on) you will have to ask
some other people in this board - 'cause I'm a DOS freak (you probably
know - that "pre-Windows thingy" long ago...) and low end tech freak -
and thus I'm using emulators for DOS. For Windows, the Amiga emulator of
choice is (I think) WinUAE. (But don't ask me... - never seen it.)

The well-known Turrican Music is made by Chris Hülsbeck (or Huelsbeck, if
you don't like the "Umlaut"), a great computer musician.
And, yeah, the Trenz-Escher-Hülsbeck stuff (like Turrican I+II or Katakis)
rocks more than most other 2D games and *SHOULD* be more famous in the U.S.,
I think. And (the master) Trenz will bring up a new Katakis game for PC
and C64 soon! So stay tuned - great things are to come...
(If you don't know: "Katakis" is a game in similiar style as "R-Type" or
"Gradius". - a sidescrolling Shoot'em'up.)

Game Coding:
Well... I'm a coder myself, and I like coding games (especially I like
coding what's mostly called "graphic engines"). And I possibly could do
a cool 2D arcade "Turrican style" game (although not that cool) or a game
in "R-Type" style. But in fact, you know, no one really waits for a DOS game...
So I seriously doubt if I'll make a ready game sometime.
(At the moment I'm developing another type 2D game. The game itself is
ready - but I'm implementing some features ("multiplayer")...)

It's good to see, even nowadays there are 2D game fans out there (although
there are all that "photorealistic 3D shooters" around).

Ya 2D shooters have to be my #1 favorites, and Turrican is just that; a half man half machine robot in bullet proof armor running around with all types of guns and lazers flooding the screen while blowing up anything in his path. Also with a bunch of tricks up Turricans sleeve; rolling into his foes with his razor sharp wheel, or blasting the big bosses with his propelled grenades and bombs with mass radius explosions, I just love it all. Plus the game has plenty to explore (well the old Turricans did anyways) to collect lives, orbs, power ups, all sorts of things, and the environments and music were a perfect match! Whether you were scailing mountains, traversing over platforms while dodging spikes, leaping over waterfalls, or maybe you are in that damn snow level in Super Turrican which had you leaping of ice gaps and avoiding snow boulders from crushing you into the water. It's like the Terminator on steriods, and it rules.

Amiga's seem interesting, I really do wish I could have grown up with one, Turrican would have been the first thing I wanted. THAT I can assure you. I just honestly don't have the time in my life for coding and whatnot for making games (yet I too was obsessed with DOS when I was younger). I have school, friends, sports, just not enough time. But my love for games is still strong, and my love for Turrican is just beginning...

Well...your love for Turrican is just beginning?
Welcome to our Turrican-World.

I dont know where you found this forum. It connects different turrican-related websites. A good starting point is www.nemmelheim.de/turrican a lot of turrican-stuff, screenshoots from nearly every existing Turrican-Version.

Most of us think Turrican II - Amiga Version is the very best Turrican. Best Music, giant worlds, a nice 2D-Shooter-Level (think of Aeroblasters /Genesis, PC-Engine), big bosses. Gameplay in perfection.

To get the original feeling use the WinUAE-Emulator. In my opinion the best Windows-Amiga-Emulator. You can play Turrican in Original-Shape. The gamefiles should be found on www.factor5.com, but you need the Amiga-System-Files for the emu, but...the net is wide...

We know Turrican...so ask if there are any problems!

I forgot...

you can play Turrican on a GBA. There are conversions of Turrican1 and Turrican II for the first monochrome Gameboy.

But the gameplay is hard. Turrican II is called Universal Soldier and was completed with some new but bad levels. Both should be very cheap on Ebay.

What about that grenade thing from Turrican 1?

As I said, it is included (I called it smart bomb)

Also, will the grapple hook from Turrican 3 be there? I personally hope not, I didn't really like it. I don't know what you mean by the "overkill thing" from Turrican II unfortunantly.

Be happy, no grapple hook.
The overkill feature in T2 fills the Screen with all aviable shoots, and Turrican flies in wheelform from one edge to the other...
You can do it once per live.

The first level will be similair to Turrican II's first level, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that also similiar to T2002's first level?

Now I'm confused... I said the first level of T2002 includes TurricanII's first level, so, erm, yes, they are similar...

I saw pics of Turrican II and they looked alot alike. I also some Turrican I environments on the GBA Turrican. I don't think it gets any better than a combo of Turrican I and II.

Now I think I understand. But the GBA T2002 will be like the PC T2002, so both will have this first level which includes TurricanII's first level.

So you can't save in T2002? I assumed you could because there was a continue option.

This option is activated, if you collected enough crystals, is I said...
Right, I just said my love for Turrican is beginning because I only own 1 (well now 3) of the console games, like I said I didn't grow up with the Amiga like you guys. I am all squared away on the GBA Turrican, the only detail I am left confused is ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE IT FOR THE ACTUAL GBA SYSTEM? Bronko is saying there won't, and I don't get what you are talking about Aky. I heard of Universal Soldier, and it looked plain stupid to me (heard of it by looking around on Turrican SETA). How did I find this site? Well I have been on Gamefaqs.com for quite awhile now. Like I said, the Turrican boards there were preety much dead (which left me in tears lol). So I googled Turrican to get more history from the franchise, and I stumbled upon this site (lucky me).

But going back to Aky (sorry to leave you hanging), are you talking about the Game Boy Turrican (like Turrican I for the Genesis/Amiga)? Ya I played that on a GameBoy Emulator and it really sucked. The graphics and music had to be my biggest complaint, just too downgraded for something that I would enjoy, thx for the suggestion though.

*Is still praying for GBA Turrican*
oops I forgot to add; can you guys give me a link to download the WinUAE and the Turrican games? I remember finding the Turrican games at the Factor 5 website awhile ago, but I didn't know where to get an Amiga Emulator that would work with it, much would be appreciated! Thx.
Oh I also forgot to add; there is no such thing as a Turrican II for the GameBoy from what I've seen...
Mr Return
You are right. There is no "official" Turrican II on GB.
But the game "Universal Soldier" for GB uses some original level from Turrican II, even bosses with a little different look.
They added a new Hero-Sprite, some graphics and new levels.
But the new levels are terrible in mapdesign and gameplay.

http://www.winuae.net for the emu, gamefiles still : www.factor5.com, Amiga-Systemfiles ("Kickroms"): well...not here...but you have internet access

T2002-GBA...yes, I think there will be a release, but only as a file to download via internet. You will need a flash-cartridge to burn and game it on a real GBA.


T2002-GBA...yes, I think there will be a release, but only as a file to download via internet. You will need a flash-cartridge to burn and game it on a real GBA.

And I have no idea how to do that... And would that mean I could do that with other PC Turricans and games too? Or just the GBA Turrican (burning it on a GBA cartridge or whatever).

I downloaded WinUAE, and the files from Factor 5 (the Amiga Turricans). But the thing is too freakin complicating. Do you think you could step by step explain how it works? I downloaded KickROM v1.3 (it said I needed it), but I had no idea how to insert the Turrican file or KickROM file inot the WinUAE emulator. I have a Genesis and SNES Emu, but they are way more simplistic, it also said the Turricans were just back-up files, does that mean I need the original Amiga copies? Someone please help explain to me how to use this. Thx.

ugh only that first paragraph was supposed to be qouted, sry.
Look here: http://www.nemmelheim.de/turrican/files/winuae/index.php

a small introdution with Turrican on WinUAE...
hmm, it says I need the Amiga Forever pack, the Online one (probably the one I need) is $30! I'm sorry but that is alot of money, if I ever reconsider, I will be sure to check it out, in the meantime I guess I will just live with the console Turricans, well thx anyways.
You would need the AmigaForeverPack only for the kickroms.
If you have a Kickrom and the Turrican-Backups its OK.
I have the Turrican backups, but not the Kickroms. The kickroms cost money don't they? That's why I need the Amiga Forever Pack which costs too much money for me for a few ROM Turrican games, cmon why should ROMS cost money??? They aren't even as good as the original versions. I try to be as legal as I can when it comes to ROMS, I use it to try old games out before buying them on thier respective consoles (assuming I own it). It is like renting games only free, unlimited rentals, it's not like I go downloading every ROM game I see. $30 for All three Amiga Turricans with an actual working Amiga system, now THATS a different story...
The Kickroms contain part of the Amiga operating system. An emulated Amiga needs them to boot, just like a real Amiga. You can buy them very cheap, look for one of the Amiga Classix collections.
You can use your brain and google fo download kickrom
You can use your eyes and see that he tries to be as legal as he can
Thank You Robert.

Yes, I don't want to go downloading these Turricans for free, and who knows, maybe someday I will buy the kickroms (and Amiga Forever Pack), so you guys can help me with WinUAE (and you guys sent me a intro link on how to use it; courtesy of Aky


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