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Turrican for the GameGear?

Lol, ya the gamegear is pretty old, and cannot compete to the modern portable consoles, but in my opinion, it made the GameBoy look like Hello Kitty back in the day. It also had the unique backlight, just too many damn batteries, and it was pretty bulky.

Anyways, I just downloaded a GameGear Emulator, and the GG Turrican demo from the GG Turrican homepage. I must admit it is really good! I was wondering if they are still working on finishing it. Ofcoarse they aren't gonna make an actual GameGear cartridge, but for those who read my Turrican for GBA topic, I hear you can burn the GBA Turrican on a flash cartridge (once it is complete). Could I somehow do the same for this, or burn it onto any other handheld or something? I am pretty desperate to get my hands on a portable Turrican. And if all else fails, I MAY consider getting the original GameBoy version, which leads to my next question: I played the gameboy Turrican on an Emu (which sucked). Is the actual game on the gameboy good? If so I may consider getting it so I won't have to make these topics... Thx to anyone who replies.
1. GameGearTurrican
It is nearly finished, but at the moment the one and only coder has no time, because his course of studies takes a lot of time.
And yes...there are flash-cartridges for GameGear too.
Or with a GameGear-Emulator via a GBA flash-cartridge on GBA.
(I know because at the last GameConvention (like a E3 in Germany) I could try it.)
We hope he will give us a final version someday.
(Greetings to Martin! )

2. Gameboy Turrican
The original Turrican is in my opinion difficult and reaches not the Amiga/C64/PC-Versions. The Universal-TurricanII-Soldier-Thing I like more, because there are levelcodes and it is more fair. But this does not apply to the "new-not-TurricanII"-levels. These are boring with bad gameplay. Try both of them on emu. The gameplay is the same as on a real GB-machine. If you dont like it on emu, you wont like it on GB.

Make topics as you want. Thats why this forum is existing.
But you have to live with my bad English, cause its not my motherlanguage.
Heh thanks for the warm welcome. I see you guys are pretty serious on Turrican related things, and I could learn a thing or two. I guess I will (for now) pass on the GB Turrican then. Yet if they ever finish the GG Turrican or GBA Turrican, I will definantly want to know how to get a flash cartridge, and how to get the games ported on it. As for now, I have all the pateince in the world to wait for them to finish. As it is I still am waiting for Mega Turrican and Turrican for the Genesis that I bought online.

So that whole GG Turrican was made by ONE person??? That is really difficult and time consuming to make something like that, congrats to him! If I knew him and knew how to code really well, I would help him, but alas I do not have that capability, well I love the demo and I very well look forward to a final version!


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