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Okay, I'm thinging of getting Amiga Forever so...

I am thinking of getting the Amiga Forever Online Edition (since it is the cheapest). Are you sure that is the only purchase I will need to make for getting all 3 Turricans to work on WinAUE? I really want to make sure this is going to work. I own a windows XP with a Raedon X 700 Pro graphics card (if that matters). I just hope my PC can run the emultator properly with the Amiga Turricans. If I end up getting this, I will look back at that tutorial Aky sent me. The rest of the tutorial SHOULD be a piece of cake right? And one final thing, are all three of the Amiga Turricans worth $30?
Imperial Games
Well... If your system got the power to run WinXP then it should got the
power to run an Amiga emulator... (and nearly everything else...)

If they're worth $30 or not depends on how much of a Turrican fan you are...

If your WinUAE does not run fast enough, you can just download an older version.
The programmers of WinUAE have a maximum in compatibility in mind, and not a maximum in speed...

So the older the WinUAE, the faster and buggier it runs...
But the three Turricangames work in an old WinUAE's as well.
If your CPU is as recent as you Radeon, you won't have a problem (although even old UAEs need many times more CPU power than WinXP).
Amiga Forever is overkill for playing games, but of course it works. If you can get an Amiga Classix, you should prefer that (even contains a big bunch of games).
You still need the Turrican games. To be really legal you have to buy them. Factor 5 has them on their site only for backup - and their disk images are broken anyway. And even if you buy them, you still need proper disk images and you can't make them yourself.
Ok now I'm confused, can anyone fill me in on everything I need to buy to get the 3 Turricans to work on my WinXP? Which is better, Amiga Classix or Amiga Forever (or something else)? DO I actually need the original Turrican games, or will the backups at factor5.com work???
There's some things money can't buy
Amiga Classix contains the Amiga 500 Kickstart (exactly the version all Turricans need) and a lot of games.
Amiga Forever contains all Kickstarts and complete AmigaOS-Installations.
You don't need the original games at all technically, just legally. The factor5.com backups work to some extend. Turrican 1 hangs somewhere in the middle of the game, Turrican 2 hangs before the extro and as far as I know you can complete Turrican 3. Proper backups exist elsewhere of course.


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