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Scotty (Ye canny change the laws of physics)
I've just finished playing turrican..... The origional one on my atari ST.

I now plan to re-aquire Turrican 2 and have a go at that.

I have played both, quite a while ago now, but I still come back to it.

Turrican has taken me about 2 weeks to complete..... perhaps I'm not as sharp as when I was younger, though I do have other commitments now and cannot give my full devotion to the game.

I played to the end and won and then I typed in bluesmobil in the high score, on the high score page, it says "Manfred Trenz not this time", cos bluesmobil is the cheat and I obviously didn't need it in the end, cos I completed without the cheat!

In order to play Turrican 3 I will have to?

I don't want to have to use an emulator on my pc cos my pc is pretty hopeless, I'd rather just buy a Commodore 64 and use that, is there a way?
On the C64 Turrican3 is another Turrican game, than the original Turrican3. It is a quite new freewareclone featuring complete new levels...

However, the original Turrican3 is for the Commodore Amiga, and it is a clone of "Megaturrican" for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis console.

So you can play it on an Amiga500 (with better musics), or at a Sega (With better grafics).

You can get those at Ebay of course....
Well, I have and beat Mega Turrican, tis a good game but I still prefer the Super Turricans because they had the ice beam, better music qaulity, better graphics, etc. Ofcourse it doesn't really get better than Turrican 2. I just don't like how Super Turrican and Turrican 3 were so linear...


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