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T2002 Tfmx question


I'm sorry to ask yet another question reguarding T2002, but playing around with the two different sound set ups, something rather strange seems to be happening.

the Tfmx set up will work absolutely fine for about 15 minutes (long enough to get myself a time out), but then the music will stop, unless I encounter a boss, in which case the music will play for another 15 minutes.

I don't know if this is the same problem outlined in the Pecaro software Faq, sinse that seemed to suggest that if there was going to be a problem with the Tfmx music, it would cut out after only a few seconds.

sinse in several level packs, the Tfmx music seems to use a greator variety of the Turrican soundtracks, there do seem to be occasions where it might be better to use the Tfmx music.

I was wondering, is there anything I can do to fix this? On the Amigar Turrican if I remember rightly, you could stop and start the music with F1, does T2002 have a similar function?

If there is no way to solve this problem it doesn't matter too much, sinse the Mp3 set up works fine, and in many cases, (particularly when the level creators have included their own soudntracks), would be my option of choice even if the Tfmx worked perfectly.

but if there is a way round this, I'd be very pleased to know about it.
There is no solution to this, as far as I know.
But don't worry the levelpacks support rather new mp3's than other TFMX-tracks. When I have chosen a TFMX-Track, which isn't there as a mp3, I gave a new music in the mp3 format with the level.

The newer T2002 levels include all new mp3-soundtracks, so it would even be a waste, to play them in TFMX.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did suspect this might be the case, and as you say, it's not a major problem anyway.

I can always play the Tfmx soundtracks manually myself with winamp whilst playing T2002 anyway (I've already tried this, and it doesn't cause any slowdown at all).
Torsten Giebl
I have something for you to test.
I am interested if this fixes the TFMX problem in
T2002. Please send me a mail.

Torsten Giebl
The files are online now :



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