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Which Amiga Turrican is the easiest?

Hey all, so I finally got the WinUAE working with the original three Turricans (thanks to Rekli Elsen for showing me how the thing works and providing all the necessary resources). But now I wonder which Turrican game to start off with. I'm thinking just going for it and beating em all in order, yet after hearing all the praise about Turrican II being the best in the series, I've started with that and had a gameover on the 2nd level, yet I know I could've tried harder. But still I'm thinking of starting with the first game but recalling my experiance on the Genesis version, the game made Turrican II look like running through flower fields with a rainbow through blue skies.

But Turrican 3 I think I can beat. I've beaten Mega Turrican, so why not? But I only wouldn't want to start with that because 1) it's my least favorite of the three and 2) I'd like to start with Turrican I or II if they're not that much harder. Any recommendations? Oh, and do any of the games have a save feature? I doubt it but thought I'd ask.

One more thing, how come everyone says Turrican II beats the rest in the series by a landslide? I still think Turrican I and Super Turrican come pretty close (yeah, that's right, SUPER Turrican)
Hmm so far I'm struggling with Turrican II (and it's supposed to be the best! I'm so ashamed). I died at level 2-2 this time so atleast I made progress.

Turrican I doesn't seem so tough after all but the game froze after beating that giant insect thing that closes in on you (WHY?!) but the game seems pretty easy up to that point. Now that I have different version I'll take another whack at it.

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy Holidays everybody else

Mr Return
Turrican 3 ist the easyiest one, I?ve beat it on the hardest mode by losing only 3 lives back then

But Turrican 2 is also not so hard if you get used to it and learn to use the wheel in any situation, which you can do infinitly in Turrican 2.

So, I think, Turrican 1 (especially the Alien-Levels) is the hardest Amiga-Turrican.
In Turrican I only the Alien lvls were really difficult. The rest was easy. In Turrican 3 the last 2 Bosses were difficult but also the rest was easy.
Besides the Alien-Train, that was pretty hard.
So Turrican I is really harder than II huh? Maybe I just need to practice more. I had a feeling Turrican 3 was the easiest I mean I beat the Sega version plenty of times.
Turrican 2 is the hardest Turrican if you donīt use the wheel (I donīt know has it really unlimited wheels?). Turrican 3 is easy and the first one has a middle difficult if you can play it and know the good secrets and best ways.

Super Turrican 1 is hard, much more than Turrican 3. And the second one is not a real Turricangame. The Leveldesign is too simple and most of the game is not so funny.

I think Turrican 3/Mega Turrican are the easiest games of all.
And turrican 1 is not too hard- It has many lives and secrets. If you find most of them the game is easy.
speaking of Super Turrican 2, as for me it was the hardest one,
and Super Turrican 1 is my favorite just behind Turrican II
Mr Return
Mega Turrican is quite harder than Turrican III
Really? Okay, I'll go for Turrican 1 because that game is cram packed with 1-ups (yes I know where most of em are on the beginning levels), then try Turrican II (using the wheel get's kind of annoying when it doesn't respond on a keyboard). Then I'll (hopefully) blow through Turrican 3 when I get there.

I've beaten Super Turrican (I also love that game because it was my first), but I've never played Super Turrican 2. So if I can beat that and Mega Turrican hopefully that'll be enough...
Hmm, I made it to the ship scrolling level on Turrican II before getting the ol' game over. Turrican 1's alien level is touch as nails! The problem I have with Turrican II is that stupid time limit that is too fast to barely make it through a level without exploring a bit, and unlike Turrican 1, doesn't really have as much 1-ups to go round.

Turrican 3 is a piece of cake, just like Mega Turrican was. I cleared the first two stages on easy, then played some on normal before losing interest. I can't believe they were so foolish as to take out the 360 beam!

It's what made Turrican a "Turrican"!!
Nevermind I was able to beat Turrican I a few weeks ago. Good game, the final boss fight was truly epic ^__^

Now I gotta beat Turrican II...
360 is too occult: 6*6*10, thus better say 400 beam (measured in geodetic grads, which are in full circle 400)


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