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strange question

today I went looking for sites related to sweet old games that havent had a new one in a while. 1 thing I have noticed is that they all seem almost identical(like contra headquarters, streets of rage online, rocket knight,panzer dragoon, this site)what I was wondering is have you ever thought of trying to merge some of the sites dedicated to these cult classic franchises.(I think I would crap myself if a saw a site with a contra/turrican/SofR/rocket knight/pd section(with all the info yall have on each you could have an incredable site(not that it is not real sweet))
One the one hand, one big page for all things is a nice idea...
You have everything tidy sorted, and find quick, what you want.

One the other hand: It really would be all the same.
I think, it's nicer to have an individual design and supply for every game.
It's like the small store right at the corner, or having one huge Store with everything in it. But here the small store isn't more expensive.
Every game has its own special things, and having those mirrored in their fanpages is cool.
And imagine, what happens, if the huge page crashes? All gone....

A big page, which presents an index for all the games and their fanpages, now that would be a nice thing.


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