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Turrican 1 Amiga on WinUAE not loading world 3

Hi there everybody, you crazy Turrican Fans like me!

I've downloaded Turrican 1 Amiga from the Factor 5 site, it's working fine with WinUAE 1.4.3... well, sort of. I can play it until the end of world 2 (the water world, the one that comes before the jetpack level).

After defeating the last boss (that weird thing with 2 claws and a spike in the middle, slowly advancing towards you), I exit the level normally, the game starts loading world 3... and nothing happens! The loader music keeps looping forever, the disks stops after a while, and I get stuck there.

Does the Factor 5's website ADF have any problem? Am I missing something in the emulator settings? I tried to use a basic A500 configuration with an expansion (512KB chip + 512KB fast), probably with an ECS "fat" Agnus as far as I can remember. It was the closest to my real A500.

The only thing I came up with after searching in this forum was a post about a guy having (maybe) the same problem, but since the topic was different I opened a new one.

Torsten Giebl
The Turrican ADFs from the Factor5 site are broken.
I don't know why they don't replace them with working ones.
Hi Torsten,

thanks for the info. It's quite sad that Factor 5 provides broken ADFs for their own games... especially masterpieces like Turrican. Let's hope they'll fix them someday... maybe the fact they're considering to publish a new title in the Turrican franchise will prompt them to replace the ADFs, who knows... but I'm instinctively skeptical they'll ever do.

By saying "ADFs" you mean that *all* 3 Turricans are broken? I recall reading in another post that the Turrican 2 ADF from Factor 5 lacked the ending sequence (dammit!). I didn't have time to finish the other two Turricans (2 and 3) I downloaded from Factor 5 yet.
Don't trust any of the F5-ADFs. They were produced using a very unreliable tool.
*SIGH*... that doesn't sound like the Factor 5 I was used to back in the old days ... :-(
BTW Robert, how can you tell which tool they used?
There was only one program, which produced this particular file format. It was an experimental tool by Tony Wilen to dump copy protected disks. Used it myself, same result, random errors in the disk images. There was nothing else some years ago, but today F5 could easily replace that crap with perfectly working IPF images.
To the Topic creator, you can find reliable ADF's of Turrican at rom-world and most other rom sites. The ones I have come with trainers (except I think Turrican 3 didn't have one) , but you can just skip them at the beginning. I've played through Turrican I and it works flawless, not sure about T2, but no issues yet!


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